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A Healthier Start to 2022 by Planning a Garden Oasis

The cold weather may have already crept in on us, and the hats and gloves have already appeared from the back of our cupboards, but this is no reason to give up on outdoor living.

If you’re one of those people who love to spend a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air, we’re sure that you want to come up with your very own garden oasis shortly, right? If that’s true, you’re definitely at the right place, as we have five amazing ideas that can be pulled off even in the smaller spaces.

Choosing a landscape design expert

Although it isn’t exactly rocket science, it can be tricky to pick an expert in landscape gardening that caters to the task properly. Since the entire appearance of your backyard is at stake, hence you should put a lot of effort while choosing a landscape gardening expert.

The desired outcome can only be achieved if you truly communicate your expectation and end goals. Now, these experts in landscape gardening perfectly know what they are doing. However, it is the detailing that you need to provide approval on before they can go ahead and execute it. While choosing a landscape expert, don’t forget to confirm a few things before you go ahead and make your pick.

  1. First, ascertain their level of skills in this field. This way, you can get to know about from the pictures of their past work and how they have executed it.
  2. Secondly, don’t forget to check how long they have spent in the market and whether they possess any necessary certifications.
  3. Check whether they have the necessary expertise and specialization in a certain kind of landscape designing.
  4. Next, you need to ascertain how much they charge for a particular job.
  5. Once you get a good hang of these essentials; next, go ahead and check the testimonials that past clients have jotted down. This will give you a clear idea of whether their job is excellent or not. Another important aspect to consider is that these experts, no matter how good they are at the job, should be open to ideas that you can throw at them. After all, it is your home, and you have a say on how you want it to be.

Now, besides inquiring about these points, you need to have a good idea about a few other things such as:

  • Your budget constraints: Since you are spoilt for choices when it comes to garden landscaping, what you need to decide upon is your budget. According to your budget constraint, these experts will design the perfect garden for you.
  • Time: Now, do you like to change your home décor every once in a while? If so, don’t forget to inform the designer what you are looking for, i.e., a long-term design or a short-term design.
  • Purpose: Next, decide upon what is your purpose for the landscaping. Do you want to remodel the existing design or opt for a new one? Communicate this carefully to the designer. Also, don’t forget to mention whether you have previously worked with any landscaping expert or not.

Don’t forget to add a lot of greenery and plants

If you want to transform your garden into a perfect oasis where you can relax to the max and enjoy spending time in nature, you should add a lot of greenery and plants that’ll contribute to an overall impression. Remember that coming up with a garden retreat can be a little bit complex simply because every single plant and shrub should look as if they belong there, so choose your greenery wisely – especially if you don’t have much free space to work with. A lot of landscape specialists combine flowers, shrubs, trees, and crawlers that surely make a fantastic combo, so carefully pick a flawless one for your garden, and you’ll do a great job.

Adding a water feature is a great idea, too

The second step towards completing your garden oasis is adding a water feature, which is exactly what a large number of homeowners choose for a good reason. The soothing sound of running water is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing sounds in nature, so make sure to get a water feature for your garden. Needless to say, you don’t need too much space for it – even small gardens and backyards are more than fine for incorporating a water fountain or even a small waterfall. Once you install it, you’ll instantly feel like your garden transformed into a real-life oasis, which will also cool the air during a hot summer afternoon. Does it get better than that?

Separate your garden into smaller areas

No matter how small your garden is, you can always further separate it into smaller areas, which is particularly great if you have kids who need their corner in the garden. For example, you can always leave them some space where they can play around and leave their toys once their playtime is finished. Apart from that, you can also completely transform your outdoor space by taking the indoor furniture outside and hanging some paintings on the wall. As such projects require knowledge and expertise, you should probably contract experienced landscape architects that will make all your dreams come true. Professionals claim that combining the comfort of your home with the feeling of the real outdoors is of the utmost importance, which is exactly why you should give them a trial for the best possible results.

Provide the appropriate outdoor lighting

Last but not least, the fact is that outdoor lighting also plays a huge role when it comes to your perfect garden oasis, so give your best to choose it wisely. Of course, we can all agree that nighttime is where the fun is, which is why a lot of homeowners decide to disguise fairy lights among the crawling plants and tree branches. These will certainly add a magical vibe to your garden and contribute to an overall enchanting setting, so be sure to bear them in mind. String lights are also quite appropriate for small gardens, as well as floor and hanging lights that give just the right amount of light in the evening or when you want to read your favorite book.

As you can see, coming up with your flawless garden oasis doesn’t have to be as challenging as you probably thought. All you have to do is to stick to our guidelines and these five simple steps, and once that’s done, you’ll see an instant improvement everyone will love!


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Paul Mera is a designer, traveler, and a proud father. Inspired by Project Landscape, he’s deeply interested in exterior improvements, green practices, landscape designs, and sustainable living. Travels a lot; Handles international projects. Techno-savvy!

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