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A Flicker of Hope in the Mind Games of ADHD

Life requires one to be on the ball at all times. Parents of kids with ADHD understand the entirety of that fact, as they spend time and resources in exploring ways to improve their child’s mental focus. There is a growing need for practical and non-medical ways of boosting attention, and video games providing an intriguing possibility in this area.

For long parents have been made to understand that video games are detrimental to a child’s mental and physical health. There is an interesting twist to this, with recent studies prove that playing video games can help children with ADHD. Psychologists believe that there is much to be gained from playing video games including focus and concentration, strategizing and internalizing patterns. All these it is believed, can remarkably improve the attention span of a child with ADHD.

In studies conducted children who spent at least 5 hours in a week playing video games demonstrated an improved brainpower. Apart from being able to hold their focus over an extended period of time, they acquire the ability to be problem solvers. The child becomes better able to process information accurately. The fact that video game is addictive is a plus. These games require players to a high degree of focus in order to pass challenges and proceed and the next level.

So how do you ensure that your child transfers the video game concentrating skills to real life?

Actively play with them

Since you understand the benefits of video games to your child with ADHD, it’s a no-brainer to play with them. Start by watching closely for a few minutes how they focus and tackle the different challenges in the game. Then you can either choose to game with them or help them unearth the secrets that are necessary to win and proceed to the next level.

Help your child apply the skills in real life

Without the shadow of a doubt, your child will feel discouraged after a number of failed attempts in the game. That’s when your mentorship and encouragement should shadow in. But it shouldn’t end with the game. Think about the video game as a simulation for real-life activities that requires full focus and patience. At the end of the game highlight the key experiences and skills and help the child practically apply them in real life. These include patience, calmness in the face of trouble and focus on others.

Video game curriculums

There are two ways to go about this; first, you could have your child play ADHD as an extracurricular gaming activity. Alternatively, you could take him through a curriculum infused with video games. The later intents to make learning a dynamic and fun activity even for hyperactive children. This type of syllabus incorporates motion graphics with colorful and humorous characters that pique and sustain the interest of the child.

There are challenges, tests, and rewards for those that manage to move to the next level. The video games gradually become complex as the child progresses through them. These programs have a high success rate, with teachers reporting laser focus and improved memory in the children.

Your child doesn’t have to struggle, make poor grades, feel less important or fall victim to ridicule. ADHD doesn’t make him or her stupid. With the right approach to learning, you will soon find out that they are among the best dedicated and fast learners. Proper use of video games goes a long way to improve their focus, social skills and minimize others symptoms associated with the condition.

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