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In a market where constant growth is a basic thing, technology is a field that requires constant updates to better what we couldn’t do properly yesterday. We live in an era in which human not only perfects himself, but does so using his talent, beauty and inspiration to create devices as well as software that makes our lives easier.

The mobile manufacturing business is a huge plate to serve from, it seems there’s enough for everyone, but to grab the best piece it takes a few key points. These are the factors that Spur has to stand out, a brand under the wings of Epitomical Limited.

epitomical spur

Spur is the face of a company who’s main goal is to inspire people around the world, all ages, sizes and language. Having done deep research in 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing as well as Software and emerging technologies. After tons of market research the idea was building up!

All this knowledge together in the hands of an incredibly motivated and passionate team turns into a company, more like a big family that creates smartphones, tablets, accessories and much more, with very accessible prices.

But, Who is Epitomical?

Epitomical was founded back in 2012, in order to create devices that would actually deliver in a way that the user would feel native and amazed with the technology and the design. They deeply believed that there’s still a very wide market to exploit and upgrade, but at the same time very few seats for the best of the best.

So in an effort to stand out, the group of Designers, Engineers, Marketers and Entrepreneurs that work from all over the world created the Obi 4, a smartphone made to make you feel an instant connection with the device!

It has all the goodies that you’d definitely love in a smartphone but with the price your pocket needs. We love the fact that it comes in 6 beautiful colors and it works on Android, so you should be good to go once you have it in your hands!

It has an awesome 4GB/8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM. A back camera with 8.0 MP, and a front camera with 2.0MP. Its nice 4’3 screen gives very bright images. The Obi 4 runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Android 4.4 Kitkat.

If you want to know more about the Obi 4 and how to get it, check out this link! Stay tuned for more!

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