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A Buying Guide On LED Shop Lights


With the increased technology, many changes occurred in various fields. Almost every field is trying to consume less energy so that we can save energy sources such as water, electricity, and many more. Likewise in the lights, the vast change occurred in the last few years and became very popular and the most used lights in almost every household around the world. The change in lights is LED or light-emitting diode. You can get various kinds of LED lights like in the market. LED lights use only 20% of the energy compared to an incandescent bulb. Using LED light we can save up to 80% of the electricity that we use for lights per day.

LED Shop Lights:

In workshop applications, an LED shop light can provide illuminate work so that anyone can go for detailed work. These LED shop lights can be hung using chains. They feature enough brightness than the lights used in workshops. The LED lights are either round or rectangular. Various kinds of LED shop lights are available such as LED high bay lights, UFO high bay lights, LED linear lights, LED low bay lights, strip lights, and LED corn bulb retrofit lights.

A Buying Guide On LED Shop Lights:

While going to buy LED shop lights you can get confused among the various types and factors of the lights. So you need to know the factors of 5000k LED shop light before going to buy. So here you go for a buying guide on LED shop lights.

1. Color of LED shop light:

In order to measure the ability of the light to reveal the color of an object compared to natural lights, measure the CRI or Color Rendering Index of the light. Generally, 80 to 90 is the color rendering index of a LED light. The CRI needs to be above 82when you are buying the light for the accurate color of a task. When you will be purchasing the shop light you can easily know the CRI from the product specification table.

2. Brightness Of LED shop light:

The brightness of incandescent lights is measured by watt whereas the brightness of LED lights is measured by lumens. An LED light consumes less energy to produce a similar amount of energy to halogen and fluorescent. While an incandescent bulb consumes 60 watts of energy to produce 800 lumens output, on the other hand, an LED light only requires 13 to 14 watts of energy to produce the same lumen output. So check out the lumen of the LED shop light, you are going to buy.

3. Installing LED shop lights:

The installation process of LED shop lights is easy. You need a suitable location to install the LED shop lights. Some of the LED lights can be suspended directly from the roof whereas some of them come with a chain to be hung. So, a suitable ceiling is required to support the weight of the lights you are going to buy.

4. Color Temperature:

The color temperature of the light depends upon the utilization you are going to make with the lights. As the temperature that the light going to emit depends upon the color of the light. Depending upon the color temperature it will either provide cool white or warm white.

5. Replacement of your light:

When you are planning to replace your old lights with LED light then look forward to buying lights with similar brightness to those lights which you had earlier. As the brightness plays a vital role while changing to efficient LED shop lights.


Surely you will get a great purchasing experience if you will buy LED shop lights after considering the buying guide on LED shop lights.

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