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A Brief History of Basketball – the Game that Changed Everything

In 1891, James Naismith, a physical education instructor from Canada, wanted to find a sport that protects players from injuries better than football. For this reason, he invents basketball, a sport allowing people to play indoors during winter.

The game quickly became very popular; it expanded first in American colleges, and then people played it professionally. The Americans established the National Basketball Association in 1946, and it became a multi-billion enterprise by the end of the 20th century.

The rest is history, as basketball is now a part of the American culture.

The 14 Rules of Basketball by James Naismith

  1. You must use one or two hands to throw the ball in any direction.
  2. You may bat the ball in any direction using one or both hands but never use the fist.
  3. You cannot run with the ball, but you must throw it from the spot from where you catch it.
  4. You are allowed to bat the ball whenever you are moving.
  5. Hold the ball in or between your hands, don’t use your arms or body to hold it.
  6. It is forbidden to shoulder, hold, push, trip, or strike your opponent. The first breaking of this rule counts as foul; the second disqualifies you until someone makes the next goal when there is proof of your intent to harm that person.
  7. If you strike your ball using your fist, then that is a foul.
  8. If any team makes three consecutive fouls, that counts as a goal for the opponents.
  9. A goal is when you throw the ball in the basket, and it remains there, or if the ball is on the basket’s edges and the opponent moves the basket.
  10. When the ball is out the bounds, the person that first touched it will throw her into the field. If a dispute arises, the umpire throws the ball straight into the field. The thrower-in has five seconds to throw that ball back. Otherwise, the opponent will receive it. If one side delays the game, then the umpire calls a foul for that side.
  11. The umpire judges the men, notes the fouls, announces the referee when three fouls are made, and has the power to disqualify men.
  12. The referee judges the ball and decides when it is in play, in bounds, and to which team it belongs and is the timekeeper. They are the one who decides which player scored a goal, keeps account of the goals, and has other duties.
  13. The match time is composed of two 15-minute halves and a rest between them of five minutes.
  14. The team with the most goals is the winner. If there is a draw, after the captains reach an agreement, the match continues until someone scores another goal.

The New Sports Phenomenon: Modern Basketball

Basketball has evolved at an impressive pace since 1900. NBA is living proof for this statement. This institution embodies the basketball tradition, being the most organized league worldwide.

The NBA has become a leader in ensuring salaries for the players. It has enhanced the popularity of this sport and set new standards for talent and competition. In the beginning, NBA contained 17 professional teams, and now, only eight remain.

Since the last league team format of 8 set in 1955, another exciting feature was introduced in professional basketball: the 24-second clock. This additional element dramatically increased the game’s speed, making it more attractive to spectators and re-igniting their interest.

From a technical point of view, nowadays, different types of dedicated software measure for players and match data. This basketball shot analysis app can be used for player improvement and also by various sportsbooks.

More fun, more entertainment, and a new passion for sports: basketball

At the end of the 1800s, James Naismith had created a great activity that kept players almost injury-free and allowed them to avoid the cold weather during winter.  That was the birth of basketball, a sport ingeniously designed with a stable set of rules.

Since then, basketball has become extremely popular worldwide. This sport created many communities of people that shared the same passion for it. Moreover, everything is now extremely accurate due to the technological advances that allow an exact situation of player skills and evolution.

Play basketball, watch the basketball matches, and create unforgettable memories!

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