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8 Ways to Promote Your Business Through Snapchat

In the 5-year time of its existence, Snapchat has accumulated a huge audience of more than 10 million users. This is quite a number of your potential customers, if only you will care enough to benefit from this marvelously volatile medium. In fact, you, by all means, should, using the tips below for a start.

Snapchat’s main feature making it different from all the other social media is that pictures and videos are “self-destructing” – they disappear in approximately 10 seconds after they’ve been seen. So why the hype? Don’t be hasty to dismiss Snapchat as another passing fad. Remember that Bell’s telephone was at first slighted and regarded as nothing more than a gizmo for entertainment.

1.    Embrace the limits

Some may be skeptical about their ads being this ephemeral. But let me assure you, you won’t be wasting your efforts down the digital drain, for Snapchat by its nature is a perfect medium to convey the concept of fleetness: “Grab the opportunity”, “Don’t miss the chance!” and other carpe-diem-ish messages beloved by advertisers and marketers. The very notion, that content only exist for a few seconds, commands attention! It is also worth mentioning that Snapchat users are big buyers: 76% of Snapchat users make at least 1 online purchase a month. Let it be your product!

2.    Keep it cool

After the recipient has seen a picture or a video, all they are left with is the impression, so try to make it clear, vivid and graphic. Yet not too graphic, if you catch my drift. Keep in mind that 86% of Snapchat’s users fall into the age range of 13 – 37 years and the app is immensely popular among teenagers (to the extent, in fact, that makes their parents worry and take inventive precautions). So make sure your content is for the general audience. Apart from this, it may be as casual and informal as you wish – Snapchat was originally intended to provide a relaxed and unbuttoned atmosphere of confidence and friendly gag: no publicly seen “likes”, no judgment.

3.    Be creative with geofilters

Geofilters are available for the users of Snapchat within the area of a relevant geofence. They may apply them to their photos and send to their contacts (or make them public). Create various geo-filters for a specific event, such as product launch, trade show, charity initiative, award ceremony, anniversary, staff party – it’s a simple tool that can make your message viral.

Make sure your geo-filter is catchy, but not too loud. It should better not cover the entire photo or be gaudy. The virtually artistic geo-filter may be compelling and aesthetically pleasing regardless of what it promotes (hence promote it even more effectively).

4.    Spread the buzz

Fleeting nature of the information on Snapchat is highly convenient for presenting pre-launch teasers and debuting new products. It is exciting to be the first to know, kind of flattering, really. Be sure, those in the know will not hesitate to share this insider information with the others spreading the buzz as fast as wildfire.

5.    Use videos to convey the message

Videos created in Snapchat can only be as long as 10 seconds. And this is great because they are definitely going to be seen through – people want to be entertained while they are waiting in the line, ride public transport or struggle through a boring meeting. Would they like a short distraction that will improve their mood? Yes, please! They know what to expect and you deliver. By the way, Snapchat reports more than two-thirds of video ads played with the sound on.

6.    Make your brand more human

Snapchat is a great opportunity to boost customer loyalty by showing them more personal aspects of your business: birthdays in the office, early morning at your bakery shop, charity challenges, staff outgoings – you name it. Show them the backstage of your business – peeping behind the scenes can be extremely compelling. Use it to your advantage: befriend with your customers, turn them into your allies and the ambassadors of your brand.

7.    Feature internet celebrities

Social media stars can contribute a great deal to your brand. Don’t forget, they became famous, by the large, due to their creativity and idiosyncratic personality, which is just what you need for your ads. Invite a cyber-influencer to join your campaign and their followers will hear your voice. It’s a nice and handy way to efficiently raise awareness of the brand.

8.    Engage your followers

Let your customers have fun! Invent contests and giveaways, offer exclusive deals, send promo codes and coupons (only make sure the recipient knows that it must be screenshot or be opened right at the cash desk), reward them for taking a snap with your product, watching your story, winning at Scavenger hunt you’ve announced – sky is the limit. This is another great way to increase loyalty and engage your audience.

Create two-way communication with your customers, let them be involved and creative, capture user-generated content, let them give you the ideas for the next promotion or advertising campaign.

Snapchat is still growing fast, waiting out there to be noticed by marketers and having much to offer in return. It is expected to be used by over 1 billion daily active users in a short while: discover its potential before it becomes mainstream.


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My name is Adam, I’m a freelance writer and editor. I mainly write blogposts and product reviews as a ghost writer. Check review as an example of my works. Feel free to write me with any suggestions.

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