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8 Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A .dk Domain

So you want to purchase a .dk domain. Well, this is certainly a good business strategy. This is one of the most trusted extensions available today. However, what you need to realize is that this is not an easy process. There are a number of different things you should know when trying to buy this domain extension.

You are not the real owner

When it comes to the .dk extension, domains are not sold. Instead, they are leased out and the ownership remains with DK Hostmaster who is the legal guardian of these domains. The reason for that is so that that they can maintain the integrity of the extension and prevent any misuse by websites listed under it.

Reselling the domain is strictly prohibited

Since you are not the owner of the .dk domain, you have no legal right to transfer the ownership to someone else. So, if you think that by obtaining a domain with this extension you can earn a profit on it, then you should abandon those plans.

DK Hostmaster will decide who gets a domain allocated

Once you apply for this extension, the deciding authority is the DK Hostmaster. They will scour all the applications received and then decide whether to allocate the name requested or not. This decision cannot be challenged in any court of law.

You will have to apply for the name through the partner websites

DK Hostmaster has appointed a number of partners across Europe through which it allows you to apply for a .dk domain. This includes popular domain hosting sites. You can find the list on the website of DK Hostmaster.

You cannot choose a lease for more than five years at a time

The normal idea when applying for any domain is to save money and go for the longest lease possible. When it comes to this extension, you can apply for the bare minimum period of one year or up to a maximum period of five years initially.

You have to mention a minimum of two approved partners in your country

As we stated, DK Hostmaster is extremely picky. Hence, they need to know if there are any approved partners you have in your country. These partners should be mentioned in your application.

You have to mention all your details

You need to mention details like your name, your address, your proxy server details, phone number, an active email address and also the payment details and the number of years you want to lease the domain for.

You have twenty-four hours to make the payment

Once DK Hostmaster approves your request for a .dk domain, you are given twenty-four hours to make the payment.
Remember, that when you are choosing the name, the onus is on you to check that no one else has any claim on it or that the name has not been blacklisted. Usually I do the check at the Danish “dk dom¦ne UnoEuro” provider.

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