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8 Things You Should Not Do With Web Apps

In the present era of the internet where every other person is using mobile or PC for performing daily activities, the market can be seen flooded with a number of web applications. To make our work easier, to keep us connected, to keep us updated, to direct us, there is nothing which you cannot do with these striving or upcoming applications.

Registering the current scenario, it becomes evident for any web app developer to master his developing skills in order to achieve success. Being a pioneer in your field, learning from past experiences and strict adherence to current trends adds to your expertise.

Though you must be quite known to the facts and figures of web app development, it’s always helpful to revise a few ‘Not to Do’ points, so as to avoid bad fate for your web apps.

Here is the list of 8 things you should not do with web apps.

1. Don’t Be A Maximalist: – 

Instead of being a maximalist, it is better to rely on minimalism. Users nowadays prefer concentrating on the essential details. Overloading the app with tons of irrelevant elements only increases the loading time and makes it annoying. Concentrating on the highlighting the prime aspects of the app and clearing out everything unimportant is the principle in the nutshell. This makes the user interface easier and responsive.

2. Avoid 3D Design: – 

There is no denying the fact that three-dimensional design with drop shadows, gradients and textures do provide an eye-catching and appealing look to the app. However, it also takes more time to load. The latest trend established that flat design is what the users prefer. With the release of latest versions of iOS and Android, flat design has gained attention. It looks tidy and nice on mobile devices as well as computer screens, plus takes lesser time to load.

3. Don’t Go For Dull Colors: – 

Since the idea of 3D design has taken a back step, to make your flat design fascinating enough, go for bright colors while personalizing your app. Using dull colors is a big no-no, as it gives out the feeling of sadness and decay. Making use of vivid colors to express your ideas is what attracts the crowd. People are falling for rainbow colors, why not give them what they want. However, keep in mind that excess of anything is harmful.

4. No To Multiple Page Apps : – 

In today’s scenario, nobody is interested in going to every page to explore options. Preference is for the apps where you just scroll down the single page to get all the important info and options. Single page apps get the broader user base. The idea is “click less, scroll more”. User feels at ease of not missing out on option when all he has to do is to scroll down. Moreover, Parallax scrolling just adds to the aesthetics of the web app.

5. Don’t Miss Out The Wide Market : – 

Consider all the devices, their shapes, sizes and the operating systems. While developing a web app, you need to make sure that your application looks as if it was always designed to work with all the existing devices. Work on the advanced responsiveness of your app. Different tabs should be easily accessible, navigation should be comfortable, and information should be affable and informative.

6. Avoid Oversizing of your CSS and JavaScript Files: – 

When you use CSS framework for developing an app, there are pretty big and contain unused code. This unnecessarily increases the size of your web app and hence it takes more time to load. You need to make sure that you remove useless codes using special tools so as to enhance the performance of your app. Same goes for JavaScript. The code uses multiple variable names which make it easier for the human mind to understand. However, variable names don’t affect the working of the code, only makes it simple for managing the code. Hence, it is better to substitute full-length variables to short equivalents. This might make the code insensible for understanding, but reduces the size of the code significantly.

7. Don’t Pass Over Security: – 

Talking about security, there are many things that need to be considered. Various risks include protection for denial of service attacks, the safety of user’s data, protecting users from frauds, identifying and denying fake data into the database and finally the website should be safe against the attacks on restricted parts by unauthorized access. It becomes a huge risk if your code is not robust enough to provide the security to its users. While confirming the e-mail address on signing up is the most basic procedure, making appropriate use of SSL and HSTS can be counted as advanced security tactics.

8. Not Adopting NoSQL Database: –

With the huge amount of data floating around the web, adopting a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data seems only reasonable. NoSQL database is the technology which the developers are using for the last couple of years. Be it Facebook, Amazon or Google, the large amount of data handling has become easier with this technology. Adopting NoSQL database takes you a step ahead to exploring new possibilities.

Some of these points must have given few ideas of improvements for your new web application. However, remember that your aim is to create something which is based essentially on the user’s requirements. Your purpose is to provide what is desired. You might ignore some points in order to meet the requirements of your users.

We hope this article must have brushed up your knowledge about the web app developments. We will keep coming with more such articles to keep you updated with the latest trends. Keep developing, until next time.

Written By

Prashant Changela, Director atWebInfoways, which is progressive enterprises in the field of web, software, and mobile application development services.

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