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8 Easy-To-Use SEO Tools for Beginners

Whether you want to start a blog, eCommerce brand, or SaaS company, you need website traffic. And to get organic traffic, you need to rank on Google for specific keywords. Having a top rank in SERPs (search engine result pages) is quite crucial for your business, and this is why SEO is considered a crucial strategy for many companies. So, whether you need to conduct keyword research, audit your website, conduct competitive research, or simply want to evaluate how well your website is performing, you need to use SEO tools that provide you with relevant information. Here are easy-to-use SEO tools for beginners that you should know.


Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools for both local and international SEO services that provide beginners with high-quality data and analytics for any website. From the upgraded Site Explorer, the intuitive Keywords Explorer, and an in-depth Domain Comparison, using this tool to improve your SEO rankings is a great choice. The reporting feature also helps to showcase your data in a streamlined, easy-to-understand layout.

This SEO tool has a lot of great features and is one of the easiest to navigate of the bunch. It is an excellent keyword research tool and can help with keyword suggestions, and can be useful for a site audit, or to track the SEO ranking of your competitors. If you are interested in link building or understanding detailed SEO metrics, Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools out there.


When it comes to SEO and digital marketing solutions, Serpstat is a one-stop-shop for beginners. From optimizing your SEO to running your ad and content marketing campaigns, it helps you with just about everything. The Serpstat tool does keyword research, competitor research, PPC analysis, and so forth. The dashboard is smooth and easy to use to avoid complexity for beginners. Plus, it also helps website owners to keep complete track of the backlinks of their competitors.

For website analysis, Serpstat runs an analysis by monitoring the domain and URL of the website. The analysis includes in-depth SEO and PPC research. Keyword research includes cluster research, search suggestions, search volume, content marketing, and SERP analysis. The tool also collects full backlink data spanning over the last two years and at the same time keeps track of your competitors’ backlink strategies.


Ubersuggest has a lot of features that are usually only found in premium SEO tools, but it’s 100% free. You just need to type in a keyword that you want to rank for (or a competing website that you want to rank above), and Ubersuggest will give you detailed data on keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, and more. You also get a list of suggested keywords that are based on the keyword you typed in.


Sitechecker. pro is a free SEO tool used to improve your SEO rating and website performance. The software offers detailed SEO audit reports by 100+ parameters with how-to-fix guides. You can easily find mistakes in technical SEO for a specific URL.

Website SEO monitoring helps you to sustain the right SEO strategy by providing you with regular insights on indexing issues, changes in content strategies, and shifts in your SERP ranking. This feature also allows you to evaluate visitor activities, including suspicious behavior like hacking. Sitechecker also comes with Google Search Console-based guides. Furthermore, it integrates with Search Console and Google Analytics.


SpyFu is a very important tool to gather information about your competitors. Simply by entering a domain name, you can find out all the keywords your competitors are using. All the ad variations they’ve used by far will be shown as well. This can prove to be immensely valuable in gaining an edge over your competitors. You can also increase your web traffic with the help of useful recommendations. Additionally, the tool enables you to connect and build important partnerships. SpyFu keeps you informed about every domain that bids on your AdWords, and suggests the AdWords you should be bidding on. It even tells you the ranking history of a website or web page using a keyword.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights

As you probably know, faster page load times can help improve your webpage rankings and at least make your website’s experience more enjoyable for visitors. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool allows you to analyze a specific page’s site speed and user experience with that site speed. It analyzes it on mobile devices and desktop devices. Additionally, it will show you how to fix any errors to help improve the speed or user experience.


SEO keyword tools like KWFinder help you find long-tail keywords that have a lower level of competition. Beginners can use this SEO tool to find the best keywords and run analysis reports on backlinks and SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Their rank tracker tool helps you easily determine your ranking while tracking your improvement based on one key metric. Plus, if that’s not enough, you’ll get a ton of new keyword ideas to help you rank your website even higher.


Another fantastic web-based SEO tool to consider is Searchmetrics. The platform is packed with great features and is very well priced. Users will have the ability to improve all sorts of SEO-related content. With Searchmetrics you can improve search engine optimization, web content, and website performance all in one place. Not only are a ton of great tools provided, but the platform also integrates easily with third-party apps.

The reporting tools will show you a lot of helpful and valuable data, including providing you with some great visual graphs. It will take a little time to learn the interface, as it is not quite as intuitive as some of the others on this list.

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Eric Elliott the founder of VIP Marketing inspires his staff to harness their creativity and to never stop growing. He is the inspirational speaker and advisor of major growing firms in Charleston, SC.

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