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Android Game Development: A Complete Guide for Beginners

The Google Play Store is swamped with numerous games that are intended for all age groups. Whether it is the adventure or a puzzle game, you can’t deny the fact that mobile gaming is the favorite time pass for the current generation.

But have you ever wondered the exact thing that is working behind those high-end graphics that take your amusement to the next level? Well, if not, this post is exclusively for the gaming enthusiasts just like you!

Here we are sharing detailed information regarding the aspects associated with Android Game Development that you need to know.  Dive in here to know about the things that are associated with Android mobile game development.

Choosing the Optimum Tool First

Before you can even think of developing an outstanding game for the Android platform, you need to finalize the tool that can harmonize your development needs. Android Studio is the most common development platform that offers adequate development environment for application development.

You need to emphasize the fact that only the Android Studio or similar development tool isn’t sufficient enough to help you out in your development needs. One needs to choose the gaming engines like Unity, Game Maker Study, or Stency that can help in proper application development services.

These tools provide you with the layout and controlling designing in 2D that further helps you in creating the environment for the player. One cannot just start designing a game without adequate knowledge of using these tools. It is recommended to explore the internet to get an adequate tutorial about the same.

Focus on Building Something Unique

Once you are done with the finalizing of the development tool, it is the time to focus on the core idea of the development of the application. It is necessarily important for you to work on a project that isn’t common enough in the market. This simply means you have to explore the Google Play Store before you can start your development.

One needs to check the available games that are similar to the one that you are planning to build. There is no point in spending your time and efforts on an idea that isn’t unique. There are numerous ways you can earn through that game. Thus; it is mandatory for you to work on an idea that is unique enough to engage users towards your game on the store.

Prepare a Blue-Print

It is necessarily crucial for you to prepare a blueprint for your game and the things that you would be projecting. This includes the actions and the overall layout that need to work harmoniously whenever the user commands. For instance, if you are working on a puzzle game, you have to design the criteria for each case.

Sometimes these processes are totally based on artificial intelligence that is again a deep concept. For the beginners out there, you need to emphasize on learning the basic concepts that can let you develop a game without any hassle. There are numerous tutorial websites available online that can offer you a complete guide regarding building a new application.

One can consider visiting Android game development websites where you can get answers to your queries and get the right solution. Thus; it is mandatory for you to rely on these websites for adequate information about the coding and modeling techniques. You could even get pre-written codes for some common modules that can again harmonize your game development needs.

Start the Designing

The designing of the application eventually requires the coding part, which you have to learn as per the requirements. It would be great to practice well enough so that it clears your doubts in advance. There are people who prefer some online designing platforms where they can sharpen their coding skills, which can also help you in getting adequate knowledge about game coding.

You can watch video tutorials online to get the idea about efficient code and how you can include the same while you are designing a game for different Android devices.

Beta Testing

One of the crucial things that you need to emphasize is the beta testing of your game once it is developed from your end. It is mandatory for you to focus on the things that affect the overall performance of your game.

It would be a great decision to check the overall functionality of the game for any flaws that can affect the performance of the game. There are numerous phases of testing, which needs to be considered while you are about to upload the game on the official Google Play Store.

Sometimes you need to rely on third-party testing service providers for analyzing the performance of a complex project that actually requires different test case scenarios. On the other hand, the normal gaming applications can be manually tested on the emulator in the Android studio itself.

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