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7 Tips for Custom Website Development in WordPress

With the growing number of internet users, online platforms are becoming popular among folks. Even small businesses are moving online to widen their reach to customers. WordPress is one of the best choices that make these small businesses make it big with Custom Website Development. Used by millions of users, including popular blogs like BBC America, Sony Music, Bloomberg Professional, Microsoft News, and many more, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that can be used to host blogs, business websites, and ECommerce Portals. Thus, Custom Website Development in WordPress is an easy way for businesses to make a good online presence for their business.

With a plethora of tools and plugins that WordPress offers, Custom Website Development has become a lot easier, where one can develop websites that have a rich UI for a better end-user experience. This is what makes WordPress popular, especially among the small businesses who are looking for options that can yield a good UX with less investment of time and money.

If you are also looking forward to building a Custom Website using WordPress, then here are a few tips that can help meet your requirements:

Choose an Appropriate theme

While WordPress offers a plethora of themes that you can use to build your website but not every theme is equally attractive in the eyes of users. You must make a wise decision because a slight change in the theme can bring in a dramatic difference in user acceptance. Here’s your checklist to choose the best theme:

  • Make sure that the layout is simple and minimal so that the information can be easily located.

  • Responsive themes are always a good choice as they offer flexibility to the end-user. This enriches the user experience and improves customer engagement.

  • Opt for themes that are compatible with most browsers and devices.

  • Go for themes that are SEO-friendly for a better reach to the target audience.

Choose the Best hosting option

WordPress offers you the flexibility to choose your hosting option. Make sure you choose the hosting manager keeping in mind that the website has to be scalable and can easily manage huge traffic without any slowdowns.

Here’s what to look for in a hosting manager:

  • It has pre-installed WordPress

  • It is well automated and offers periodic backups.

  • It offers automatic WordPress updates.

  • It provides security and is highly robust.

Choose the Best mix of plugins

It is the range of plugins that empowers the WordPress website. Thus, to make your website dynamic and powerful, make sure you select the right plugins that suit your business requirements. Also, do not get overwhelmed and complicate the website by choosing tons of plugins.

Leverage Search Engine Optimization

Until your website does not have SEO up to the mark, it will not be visible on the internet, and no matter how good it is, reaching out to the target audience would be very difficult. Streamline your website’s SEO to make an impact on the desired target audience.

Ensure Security measures are in place

Security is an important aspect, especially in today’s time when hackers are targeting small businesses. Make sure you keep security as a high priority and take all the required measures to keep the security in place.

With these tips, you can ensure that your Custom Website Development in WordPress delivers the desired results that help you get better business opportunities online. In addition to these tips, make sure to find the right technical partner who offers specialized technical assistance for building your Custom Website in WordPress, to get the best results.

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Chapter247 Infotech is a full-service software partner specialized in architecting, designing & developing tech solutions by binding Web, IoT, Analytics, AI and Cloud technologies. Our global clients include organizations right from Enterprise, Midsize to startups. In 6+ years we have launched over 100 products with ambitious clients in industries like E-commerce, financial services, healthcare, education, shipping, energy, and retail. Key Capabilities- - Web and Mobile-centric Product and Application development - Enterprise Application services ( Development and Legacy Modernization) - Product Engineering ( MVP, Product development, support, and maintenance) - IoT Applications - Mobility Solutions - Cloud Consulting ( Application Migration, DevOps planning, and Automation) With Technology and ever-evolving culture as top priorities, you will work with… - a Business Strategist that is highly experienced in combining business strategy and user experience to fill in the business gap we aim to solve - a UX/UI Designer that will pair consumer-grade reactive with intuitive interaction design to elegantly produce design solutions that engage - a Solution Architect that architects your product with the right technologies and tools keeping in mind the ever-changing IT world - a Development team that loves tech and programs the product idea to life with an innate attitude of no compromise in quality

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