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WordPress SEO: the Best Practices

Set up and launch your website quickly through Word Press. You just need to follow a simple set of instructions.

No matter which platform you have selected to launch a website, the site must be optimized for SEO. An SEO-friendly website is a must-to-have element to promote the visibility of your business, drive traffic, and increase conversions. 

WordPress is one of the widely used CMS. It is designed for everyone, not just for developers, making it super easy to use and customize with great flexibility. Also, with its lower setup cost and maintenance requirements, WordPress has secured about 60% of the market share in the CMS market. 

It is simpler to set up and launch your website quickly through WordPress. You just need to follow a simple set of instructions, and you will be good to go live with the website. In fact, most search engine service providers recommend designing and developing certain websites through WordPress. Nevertheless, there are more elements to consider in terms of SEO while having a WordPress site. 

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Here are the powerful SEO tactics that your WordPress site must-have. 

Proper URL Structure

This is the first element you need to consider for a WordPress site. In most instances, WordPress CMS generates URLs by default that contain special characters such as the question mark, post number, etc. 

A proper URL structure is a must to allow users and search engines to understand what the web page is about. A user-friendly URL is necessary to improve SEO score. For instance, rather than having a long URL with special characters (like this, make it structures (like this

Optimize meta titles and descriptions

Well-optimized meta titles and descriptions improve the CTR (click-through rate) of the organic search results. WordPress offers many plugins to improve SEO scores. Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins that help in optimizing meta tags and descriptions effectively. 

If you want to write better meta descriptors, use keywords in the description and communicate the content’s benefits and urgency. When you are optimizing the on page, you need to think about showing users the value of the webpage they are about to click. 

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking within your website helps to establish topical relevance between different pages on your site and enables users to navigate efficiently. It is simple to work on internal links to other pages in WordPress, which improves the possibilities of ranking higher in search engines. On your WordPress site, highlight the text you want to link and click the toolbar’s ‘link’ button. This will allow you to either paste a URL or search for pages within the site.

Optimize Images

Another proven way to improve the SEO score for your site is to optimize your images, boosting page loading speed. For instance, if you need to have multiple images and rich media within your content, you must optimize the images; otherwise, the site speed will be decreased considerably.

Add Alt Text to Images

When using images in your content, make sure you are adding alt text to each of them. Alt tags give context and a description of images to search engines and help users know when images couldn’t be loaded. But, ensure your alt tags display a clear description of an image. Go to the ‘Image Settings section of the ‘blocks’ menu in WordPress and add alt text for the image. 

Use Proper Heading Tags

Using proper heading tags is essential to maintain a flow of content structure on your site. Also, Google crawler (Googlebot) checks HTML header tags such as H1, H2, H3, etc., to find your site’s content relevancy.

In general, a web page needs to have a single H1 tag per post or page followed by multiple H2s and H3s. Consider the heading tags as a hierarchy of importance. The H1 tag is the most important header that should contain your focus keyword. 

Besides, you can add a variation of your keywords or long-tail keywords for H2 and H3 tags. Try to use header tags in such a way that they offer a user-friendly approach to read website content. So, be sure not to overuse header tags.  

Mark Up Your Pages with Schema

Schema markup is crucial to enhance your SEO efforts by adding context to your content and data. It helps search engines like Google and Bing understand your content and present it in different and useful ways. 

If you add context to your web pages, you are making it more likely that you rank higher and get more clicks when your page receives impressions.

In addition, other considerations to boost SEO include; 

  • Get an SSL certificate
  • Integrate your site with Google search console
  • Select SEO-ready theme
  • Enable Caches to reduce loading time
  • Find and fix broken links

Improving SEO scores is not an overnight process. It needs a pre-planned agenda and consistent practice for better results. You can always collaborate with search engine optimization service providers to get improved results on time. 

WordPress is one of the highly suggested user-friendly CMS to design and develop a website. However, you need to optimize your site for search engines and users to make it visible and drive more traffic.

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Hardik Oza is an SEO practitioner with more than 9 years of experience. He works at PeddleWeb, an internet advertising company in India. He shares his thoughts on additional publications like SEMrush, Search Engine People, and Social Media Today. Follow him on Twitter @Ozaemotion.

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