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7 Tactics to Build a Successful B2B Marketing Strategy Using Social Media

Is your B2B strategy performing well? Are you able to get the result you want? If no, you need to find out some strategies that can help you in growing your business and assist you in keeping a healthy competition in the market.

If you wish to stay on the top of your game, you require some new methods and tactics to build a successful business. With keeping that in mind, there are 7 main tactics stated below that can help you to bring you up to speed in order to match yourself with expanding and changing the modern market.

Let’s look at 7 approaches that can be added to your present B2B marketing strategy in order to increase the chance of success of your business.

1. Deliver Big on Your Commitment

This strategy says that you need to avoid click bait. Everyone using social media has experienced the intense dissatisfaction of clicking on a link that promises to deliver something big but in actual gives you only disappointment. This can be a good technique of getting clicks it can do you know your business and damage your relationship with the prospective buyers.

You need to be honest and genuine in all of your content and avoid misleading and fake information. Remember, the audience only wants to read interesting and fresh content and not already predictable and mediocre content.

2. Connect with Your Online Community

It is a great B2B marketing strategy to know where does the online customer conversation takes place and try to discover where the customers are frequently asking questions or talking about any specific industry. Once you get an idea where the exactly are, get concerned.

Start by determining which topic is the most highlighted among the customers. When you are able to put in eloquently to the conversation, do so.

You can build your own online community and reap rewards.  When you have your own platform, you

  • Have more domination and flexibility of how your interaction with the audience takes place.
  • Own it
  • Have exclusive design options
  • Have more wide-ranging analytics
  • Won’t have to struggle for seeking the attention of your audience as no competitor will be there to take your thunder.

3. Use Facebook Live

With its new live streaming feature in 2016, Facebook has shown astounding results. According to a research finding Facebook users comment 10 times more on videos that are shown live rather than on regular posts.

Therefore, there are some ways in which you use Facebook Live successfully in order to connect your audience. Use live video to stream:

  • Interviews with your team members
  • FAQ about the products and services offered
  • Any live industry event
  • Educational webinars

Try to keep yourself stress-free and unperturbed when you go live. Well prepare yourself and let the conversation flow naturally and everything will go well. Using Facebook Live is one of the top B2B marketing tactics that use social media to gain success.

4. Manage a Facebook Group

Creation and management of a Facebook Group can be an effective way to position yourself as a thought leader while at the same time creating a community of like-minded people within your industry. Some of the keys to running a successful Facebook Group are:

  • Don’t try to be over-promotional
  • Publish high-quality content consistently
  • Drumming up an appealing conversation with interesting questions.

5. Use YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Many argue that YouTube pre-roll ads are highly annoying but it has to be a powerful medium for generating awareness. With the help of this social media marketing strategy, people like Tai Lopez and Billy Gene have become popular today. This social media icon is most prominent among all as its targeting capability is first-rate which helps attract a large audience.

6. Answer or Post Questions on Quora

Whilst people have started losing interest on visiting Quora over the past year due to the early publicity of the platform thinning off, even now it is one of the most prominent ways to show your skill and knowledge in an authentic, reliable and non-promotional way.

7. Create Infographics for Pinterest

Pinterest is a frequently unnoticed social media channel which can bring fruitful results for the B2B business. This platform can drive good results if your business niche is fashion, interior designing, travel, health, and lifestyle. Styles of content that go well on Pinterest are known as infographics.

So, if you create any content or tutorial for capturing audience’s attention, think of reformatting it into an infographic for Pinterest. Infographics can be easily created with the help of a tool called Canva. It is preferred by those who don’t have any experience in designing.

To sum up

There are numerous ways to amalgamate social media into your B2B marketing strategy to gain name and attract prospective customers. B2B social media is an essential marketing tool and social media icons also assist in attracting audiences a lot. Sharing your content and educating people can be a great way to build confidence in your brand and generate new relations with prospective customers.

Written By

Olivia Perez is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as content developer with many years of experience. She helps clients inlong term wealth plans. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including Marketing and Social Media.

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