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7 Smart Tips for Effectively Introducing New Technology in Your Office

If you’re responsible for introducing your office to a new software or solution, you might feel like you’re facing the ultimate uphill battle, right?

Relax. You’re not alone.

As offices at large are becoming more and more dependent on tech to save them time and take tedious tasks off their plates, figuring out how to smooth the process of implementing new solutions is an absolute must.

That’s why we’ve highlighted seven stress-free tips for introducing new tech to your team, helping ensure that everyone gets on board sooner rather than later.

Frame Your Solution as a Problem-Solver

Perhaps the most important aspect of introducing a new software is emphasizing the benefits of a solution versus the software itself.

For example, adopting software to curb compliance issues might not mean much to the average employee, but the need to eliminate paperwork and emphasize productivity makes perfect sense. Similarly, implementing an employee tracking software to curb wasted time and allow your team more time to focus on their strengths is another plus.

Rather than get caught up in the weeds of tools and features, start with a benefit-driven mindset.

Pick Your Tools Carefully

There are endless types of business tools out there for businesses to adopt. From project management and productivity solutions to marketing automation software, your coworkers only have so much mental bandwidth.

Therefore, don’t make the mistake of dropping a new solution for your team month after month. Give them some breathing room and think of “wants” versus “needs” when it comes to the solutions you roll out.

Emphasize a Hands-On Experience

Your team can’t learn solely through a tutorial: taking the time to teach your coworkers through hands-on back and forth is invaluable. Providing your team with the opportunity to ask questions and show you firsthand where they might be struggling is worth the time of conducting a face-to-face tech session.

Lower the Learning Curve

Ideally, any software you implement is user-friendly and has a relatively low learning curve to begin with.

That said, you also don’t need to show your team every single feature or report for the sake of “completion.” Instead, just emphasize the features they need to know as not to overwhelm them from the start.

Be Patient with Technophobes

It’s no secret that everyone is going to be happy-go-lucky about having to learn something new.

Even still, it’s key to be patient with those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy. Don’t assume these people are just being difficult and again try to only stress aspects of your solution that impact their roles directly.

Create Your Own Knowledge Library

For the sake of onboarding new employees and refreshing the memories of current ones, building a knowledge base is worthwhile for helping people adopt software and likewise holding your team accountable for learning.

This base should be accessible to your entire organization and include screenshot-heavy or video tutorials to walk people step-by-step through the learning process.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Above all, the right attitude can make a massive difference when adopting new technology. Assume the best of your workers and be patient throughout the process.

Don’t assume that widespread adoption of a new software or tool is impossible. Instead, stick to these principles and keep an open mind: you may be surprised at how smoothly the transition goes when you stick with these tips.

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