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7 Online Halloween User Pictures Tools And Apps

If you are going to celebrate Halloween, except for parties, and in online mode – make a scary user picture! Our selection of online tools is useful for you, with the help of which you can quickly turn your photo into an image of a zombie or a vampire. By the way, a great option to choose for yourself an image for an office Sabbah.

For the development process, we decided to choose the most straightforward and most optimal options without complicated manipulations in Photoshop.

With this web service, everything is straightforward. You upload your photo and get yourself the same, but already a little expired. To do this, you need to choose a full-face photograph, and it should be high-quality and precise. After downloading the photo, the service will give you the result and, if everything suits you, you can upload this Halloween user picture.

Zombie Pic Booth

The application for iPhone Zombie Pic Booth users allows you to rotate the photo as you like, resize or remove body parts, add injuries, choose a scary mask or pick up a new pair of eyes, plus some more interesting effects. Ready-made masterpieces can be saved on the phone, sent by mail, or immediately uploaded to Facebook or Twitter.

Zombie Photo Booth

Zombie Photo Booth can be called the cousin of Zombie Pic Booth. This application for Android users allows you to not only add scary masks and stickers to photos downloaded from your phone but also make up the entire collages. The results can be saved on the phone, sent by mail, shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr) or immediately downloaded to Dropbox.

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Another great app for all The Walking Dead TV-series fans. To get into the zombie team, you need to take your photo and let your imagination run wild.

Just make sure that you have high-speed Internet access, as you will have to download more than 40 images of eyes, mouths, noses, and other “requisites” from the movie.

You can also share your work on Facebook or Twitter.

Vampirebooth: 3D Vampire

This is a mobile app for vampire fans. Upload a photo and add the desired effects. Since the application transforms any 2D image into 3D, the creators promise that your Alter ego will breathe, blink, and even try to bite if you decide to touch it with your finger.

Ready photos can be saved on the phone, sent by mail, or share the result on Facebook and Twitter.


HauntedBooth is a similar option, but only with ghosts. Just like with the previous options, upload your photo and transform it into something unpleasant and frightening. In addition to changing yourself into Sadako (or Samara in the American remake of the Call movie), you can create quite scary and unpleasant videos with your image.

Still, the Japanese (the Japanese created the company are some of the best in creating horrors that can bring to hysteria and inspire a genuinely primal fear.

The online editor is well prepared for the upcoming holiday. Here, with the help of several tools and relatively simple manipulations, you can make yourself a zombie or a vampire. If you try hard with the transformation into a vampire, you can well compete with Bella and Edward. It turns out well if you have high-quality photos.

Melisa Marzett loves Halloween and horror movies. Moreover, Halloween is her favorite holiday, and she comes up with a costume every year, making it by herself. Being a very creative person, she works as a freelance writer who works upon articles about anything and everything available at

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Melisa Marzett is a prominent writer, who knows everything about modern technologies. Read her posts written for Big Paper Writers and get the latest news!

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