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7 Mobile Gadgets for Summertime Fun

Eddie Cochran once sang “There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”. Clearly, Mister Cochran was born in the wrong decade, as there are ton of gadgets out there today that put the fun in summer, and will chase away the blues.

Here’s over a half dozen awesome mobile gadgets guaranteed to enhance your summer experience. Who says you can’t enjoy high tech gizmos in the fresh air and sunshine? Read on, and be inspired.

There are plenty of mobile gadgets out there to make your summer more in-tents

Sabrent SP-NELO Weather Resistant 900MHz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Stereo Speaker System with Remote

What’s summer without hot music? Presenting a pair of wireless, weather-resistant speakers that keep the music coming as far away as 150 feet. Picture these speakers out on your porch or patio, and let the good times roll! And not only do they provide you with clear sound; they can also recharge your iPod, iPhone, USB cell phones, and USB MP3 players. Small surprise, actually, since the speakers support those devices as audio input, as well as RCA inputs for home theater receivers.

Google Earth

Okay this one’s a cheat, since it’s not a device per se, but rather a download. Thing is, Google Earth is so versatile and accommodates so many devices, including iOS and Android units. Google Earth is the last word in virtual maps, and if you’re traveling this summer, it’s an indispensable accessory to have on hand.

Wagan 2398 Micro Dynamo LED Flashlight/Charger

So there you are, using Google Earth to find a nice place to hike, then when you get there, your smart phone dies. To make things worse, nature refuses to provide you with a handy power source. Fortunately, you can take out this portable dynamo and after a couple of minutes of hand-cranking, you have about a half hour worth of emergency power for that smart phone! The LED flashlight is a nice touch too.

Dual-Band MobileAccessVE Access Pod

This access pod distributes wireless services and provides Ethernet/IP connectivity and power (POE) to connected IP appliances, like Wi-Fi APs and IP Phones. This is the go-to device for people who absolutely must have their Wi-Fi connection, even out in the middle of nowhere. Of course, you have to make sure that your provider is compatible with this device, but if it is, you never have to be off the grid again, even when stuck in a tent, surrounded by hungry mosquitoes and/or bears.


Even if you have power and an Internet connection, sometimes you can get stymied by the comparatively simple problem of comfortably positioning your device. After all, it’s not like you have a desk or computer table out there with you. This is a tripod-like device that handles tablets, smart phones, and cameras and keeps things stable for you. Such a simple thing, and yet it makes your outdoor electronics use that much easier.


Have you ever heard of the hack of using a Pringles can as a means of boosting wireless connectivity in your local network? Well it’s a thing, but now you can actually get the same results, but made with materials that just may be a little more durable and safer. The Cantenna focuses and boosts your wireless signal, allowing you to share a broadband connection, reduce interference, or access a public wireless hot spot. No, it doesn’t come with potato chips.


Last but not least, what’s summer fun without a ton of photos, including selfies, photo-bombs, duck faces, and most important, action shots? The OutRide turns your iPhone into a wide-angle action sports camera. You mount it to just about anything, preferably something that’s moving, like a bike, and off you go. No need to worry about your delicate iPhone though; the high-impact polycarbonate housing keeps it safe. OutRide comes with an app and a number of different mounts for a variety of activities.

There are plenty of other toys, like these top tech gadgets, but the above selection should really go a long way towards making the summer more fun than it already is. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: SiroGraphy

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