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Digital Marketing

6 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Anyone with a website, whether business or personal, is looking for more clicks. Traffic on your website means more customers, and more customers are the best way to increase your bottom line.

So, in this article, we share a few key tips and tricks to get people on your website and keep them there while exploring all you have to offer.

1. Advertise

Without putting yourself out there, potential users will never find out about your site. While advertising may seem overly obvious at first, it can also seem out of reach to small businesses and personal accounts.

However, there are options no matter your budget. Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook all offer affordable advertising plans for small businesses. Even advertising in print in your local community can make a difference and gain you more custom.

2. Social Media

Smart use of your personal social media accounts can generate 100% free organic advertising. But that doesn’t mean just posting blatant ads. Work in links to your website through personal stories and posts.

Respond to comments and messages and prove there is a human being behind your brand. People want to work with someone they can have an open dialogue with.

3. Streamline Your Website

Once you’ve got people on your website, you want them to stay and explore. A simple, well-organized site is the best way to retain users. Have a clear landing page and a clearly marked menu to direct users around. Don’t overload your page with animations and gifs — your goal is to focus their eye on your content.

Keep the user experience easy. For example, if you book reservations on your website, check out software like Roverd for a cloud-based booking system that is reliable and user-friendly. People will just give up and close your page if they have to deal with a complicated booking program.

4. Use Email Marketing

When you work with a new client or make a new connection — hold on to their email. While content marketing is the hot topic in advertising right now, don’t undervalue the old-fashioned email blast.

Even just a few clicks can markedly increase your website’s traffic. But don’t rely on this method too much: no one wants a flooded inbox. Save emails for big updates and changes you think your audience would be interested in.

5. Incorporate Video

Studies show users will stay on your website for longer when you have video content. An engaging video keeps the viewer’s attention and makes them curious about what else you have to offer.

Video marketing highlights your ability to work across media and presents you as an intuitive and professional brand. A video series can even create an audience hungry for more content, eager to keep checking back for updates.

6. Use SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you get placed in Google’s search results. Learn about SEO and make sure your content follows the rules for the highest reward.

Try writing a blog that highlights keywords for your business or brand. Find relevant keywords using programs like Google Keyword Planner. A blog is a great content machine and place for you to really push content that will assist your SEO.

Continue Building Views

Now that your website is set up for success, watch your traffic increase and get ready for a full inbox. Never stop improving your site and always update it with new content. It should constantly grow and change with you and your brand.

Increased visibility and a top-notch website are the ultimate steps for getting your content in front of new users.

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