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6 Trends in Executive Education

Executive education is rapidly changing. To keep up with the times, business schools are being more global and innovative. Read on and we’ll talk about some of the most common trends.

The Rise of Online Executive Education

Gone were the days when executive education means enrolling in a traditional on-campus program. Nowadays, online business schools present a better alternative. They are perfect for busy executives. You can study anytime and anywhere. The most reputable universities around the world have introduced their respective online programs as a response to the clamor for distance learning.

Embracing Personalization

In a traditional classroom set-up, business executives are taught the same thing. There is a generic approach to executive education. The cookie-cutter approach changed in recent years with the introduction of personalization in education. It involves having customized content depending on the goals and capabilities of the learner. Artificial intelligence promises individualized learning.

Less Emphasis on Budget

In the past, a lot of business executives were more concerned about the budget. Today, quality is the priority. Many are willing to go the extra mile and spend more in exchange for top-notch executive education. Even if courses cost thousands of dollars for a few weeks, many are willing to shoulder the expenses, thinking of executive education as an investment. Worrying about costs is no longer the norm. Many companies even shoulder the executive education of their people as a way of investing in their human capital.

Flipping the Classroom

A flipped classroom is one of the most recent concepts in executive education. In a nutshell, it is all about providing learning materials in advance. This means that before going to the classroom, the learner has already accessed learning content, such as videos. During the time spent in class, students will be more actively working instead of sitting passively listening to lengthy lectures. This approach improves efficiency while also encouraging self-responsibility.

Upskilling of Business Executives

Today’s business leaders have a collection of core skills instead of being focused on a single skill. Through upskilling, executives are broadening their horizons, making them more competitive and in-demand in their respective industries. Business executives are expected to have more diverse skills today to lead their respective organizations. This will allow them to take more responsibilities depending on the skills that they will learn through executive education.

Making Education On-Demand

Many business executives may not have the luxury of time to spend being educated, even if it is just a few weeks. This has resulted in the rise of on-demand education. The latter provides same-day access to online courses. This provides a flexible path to learning. There is no huge time and financial investment necessary.

From online to on-demand learning, executive education is changing. This article mentions some of the trends that we can expect in business leadership development.

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