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6 Tips Indian Sisters Should Keep in Mind While Buying A Rakhi for Their Brother

India, being a land of rich heritage and culture diversity, it is quite apparent to find an array of festivals celebrated across the nation throughout the year. Raksha Bandhan is one such festival which is celebrated by the Hindu community in India with utmost fervor and enthusiasm. This auspicious festival celebrates the brother-sister relationship in its pure form and is observed on the full moon day of the month Shravana or August according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. The rituals followed during this festival is believed to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. So, mainly on this day, the brothers give gifts to their sisters and take an oath to protect their sisters against all the odds throughout their lifetime. In return, the sisters keep a fast, tie a sacred thread called rakhi around their brother’s wrists and pray for their well being.

But, before buying a rakhi for their brothers, here are seven tips that every Indian sister should keep in their minds:

Check Out The Latest Rakhi Collection

The first and foremost thing to consider is the latest rakhi collection. Every year on Raksha Bandhan, the manufacturers of rakhi threads launch their latest collection. So, to avoid the repetition of the same designs or style, sisters should check out the newest rakhi threads collection available in the market

Take Enough Time To Choose A Rakhi

The second important thing is to make sure that sisters have enough time while choosing or picking the best online rakhi gifts for their brothers. Ideally, it’s better if sisters start looking for a perfect rakhi for their brothers at least two weeks before the festival arrives. Choosing a rakhi thread beforehand keeps away the hassle on the main day.

Check The Quality of Rakhi Before Buying

While buying a rakhi thread, sisters should always check the quality. A lousy quality rakhi thread can hamper the celebrations as it may not last for long and could break easily. This why it is essential to check the quality and condition of the rakhi before buying it.

Consider The Age & Style Preferences of Brother

There are a wide variety of rakhi threads available in the market. Some rakhi threads are available for adults, and some for kids. So, sisters should consider their brother’s age and style preferences before finalizing the rakhi. Choosing the right type of rakhi thread would add a lot of excitement to this festivity.

Buy The Rakhi From A Reputed Market Or Shop

When the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaches, the Indian markets get flooded with a wide variety of rakhi threads available in different styles, designs, and shapes. There are many online gift shops as well that offers same day Rakhi delivery in India. Therefore, for sisters buying a rakhi thread for their brothers, it’s essential to choose the right shop.

Choose A Rakhi According To The Budget

Lastly, the thing every Indian sister should consider is their budget. Rakhi threads are available at every price. Starting right from 10 rupees to INR1000 as well depending on the design, style, and shape of the rakhi. So, it is essential to keep in mind the budget limit while buying a rakhi thread.

These are some of the tips that every Indian sister keep in mind to pick the best rakhi thread fro their brothers on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

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