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6 Reasons Your Yoga Studio Needs an App

Gone are the times, when aspirants used to travel all the way to the Himalayas to learn Yoga from a revered Guru. Today, yoga has become integral to our lifestyle. The conception of International Yoga Day is just a reflection of how popular yoga is becoming throughout the world. Now when yoga is in vogue, you can see so many yoga studios blooming up in every corner of the city. If you run a yoga studio, you should know that an app can help you cut through the clutter and take you closer to your target audience. Here are 6 good reasons your yoga studio needs an app.

1. Getting New Members Onboard

Getting new members onboard is perhaps the fuel that keeps the engine going. A mobile app makes it easy to not just get new members but also keep the current members engaged. For bettering your chances of getting new enrollments, integrate your app with a sign-up form. Better yet, offer week-long trial classes on signing up.

2. Keep Your Members in the Loop of Events

While building the business case for getting an app built for your yoga studio, this is perhaps the best reason you’ll come across. Whether you’re planning a complementary power yoga session or an intensive asana-focused class for the upcoming week, you can have your audience informed and ready with in-app messages and push notifications. Not only these built-in tools help you keep your members in the loop of upcoming events and updates but they also enhance the user experience.

3. Showcase Your Services

A smart online app maker will let you integrate your app with HD video gallery and photo gallery, helping you showcase your courses in the best way possible. Not just that! You can leverage the app platform in so many innovative ways – Think of showcasing free video trial classes, giving pictures and details of the key poses, comparing before-and-after results of current members, and a lot more!

4. Build a Robust Social Presence

When it comes to fitness business, a substantial fraction of members come aboard through referrals. Word-of-mouth plays a crucial role in growing the member base. In such a scenario, you simply can’t afford to be not on social media. With a native app well integrated with key social APIs, you can create a buzz around your brand.

5. Get to Know Your Audience Better

With smart app analytics tools at your disposal, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of your users’ behavior and preferences. When you know your audience better, you can design and deliver personalised content to them, resulting in better engagement and higher revenues.

6. Get Booked-Up Solid

An app makes it easy for your members to make bookings for the upcoming yoga classes. Just a few clicks and the members can reserve their place in the group. It’s definitely more convenient and effective than traditional booking methods such as dropping in personally or making a phone call.

Whether your studio specialises in power yoga, hot yoga, Bikram yoga or vipassana, having a native app opens up new streams of revenue, expands your reach and lets you do so much more. Cut to the chase – Build a native android or iOS app for your yoga studio and see it reaching to new heights. And the best of it all, with a rapid Android and iPhone app maker on your side, creating a fully-functional mobile app will take as much time as finishing your coffee.

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