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6 Pros & Cons Of Pursuing A Career In Web Design

Web Design as a profession has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Before deciding to pursue this career by yourself, familiarize yourself with the pros and the cons of this job.

Web Design as a profession has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Probably, some of your friends and acquaintances dabble in it, and now you’re also thinking about giving it a try. But before you make a decision, familiarize yourself with the pros and the cons of this job.

The Pros

1. The world is your office

You’re not chained to one place of work, but are free to work all over. As long as there’s free Wi-Fi, you can set up your office anywhere, drink lattes and earn money in an environment of your choosing. One day you’re in your favorite café, the next in Venice.

2. Working from home

If you’re more of a couch potato, then web design is a job that can accommodate you in this sense. There aren’t that many jobs that provide an opportunity to work in your pj’s, but this one does. For those who hate working from 9 to 5, dressing for and going to work, it’s a dream come true job.

3. Web Design offers variety

We tend to lose work motivation easily if we fall into a rut. But web design allows you to choose from an ocean of different business and projects. You can be creative and mix things up a little bit, work on someone’s blog today, and on a scientific project tomorrow. As a web designer you are offered a plethora of fields to choose from, so work boredom will not be an issue.

4. Web Design offers a promising future

In the next couple of years, the Internet will be an integral part of almost every job. The Web Design industry will grow and there will be an increased number of work opportunities. If you start now, your chances of becoming an invaluable designer are much higher as you’ll have more experience and knowledge than those who dive in later, obviously.

5. Instant Feedback, Instant Satisfaction

Regardless of whether or not you receive feedback about a certain project you did, you don’t have to wait at all, the results on the site say it all. The number of visitors is all the feedback you need to find out whether or not you did a good job.

6. Above average earnings

If you do it right, you could live pretty nicely with your designer income. The earnings for web designers revolve around $80,000. Sweet, right?! But, it’s not just going to fall into your lap. Like with any profession, you have to work at it, become really good. That’s the only way you’ll earn the big bucks.

The Cons

1. Sedentary job

As with any job, there are some possible health problems to be considered. Being a web designer means you’ll be forced to spend a lot of time in front the computer, and that carries some health risks. What suffers the most are your back, neck, and eyes and if not attend properly, it may result in long-term problems or even illnesses. Of course, there are some precautions to be taken such as back stretches, bikes under the desk, and even stand-up desks. Still, none of it can completely eliminate these possible health risks.

2. Constant learning

This profession requires constant improvement, and you have to be in the know of things, otherwise, the competition’s going to crush you. The Internet is perpetually changing and technology’s ever-evolving, so you’ll always have to update your coding skills and programs in order to offer the best possible service to your clients. At times it can be overwhelming. But, on the bright side, it will make your job so much more interesting as you will learn more and more.

3. Long hours

Like with so many professions, there are deadlines to meet in web designing too. There may be days when you’ll have to put in some overtime to get the project done. If you don’t want to work 24/7 you need to discipline yourself and set a work schedule you’re convinced you can stick to. This way, the job won’t be a nightmare, but a pleasure – as it should be.

4. Some projects tend to be more interesting than others

You may not always get projects you really like. As there’s so much variety in web designing, some boring content may come your way. If you have the option to choose your niche, then great. If not, be prepared that for some projects you’re going to have to put your creativity on standby and do something boring or trivial.

5. The game is always changing

Things that are hot now may become cold as soon as tomorrow. It is difficult to foresee which skills the market is going to need in the nearer future. You’ll always have to be on the lookout, making sure you know a little bit more than the rest to up your game and stay on top of the web design things.

6. Juggling

If you think that you’ll be able to work on one project, finish, get paid and move onto the next, then you’re sorely mistaken. Web designing requires a lot of multitasking, especially if you want to earn a bit extra.

Besides these, there are some other, more personal factors to be considered. Whether or not you possess the necessary equipment and if not, can you afford to invest in it? Are there any companies in your town that are looking for fresh web designers and do their work conditions suit you, and so on. But in the end, if there are more pros than cons, then you should definitely have a go at Web designing. If not, direct your gaze elsewhere.

Written By

Leila Dorari is a marketing consultant and a freelance writer from Sydney. She has been working with different companies for 5 years now. When taking a break from making new marketing slogans, she is either window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more exciting.



  1. surat

    September 6, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Yes, web designing is one of the good career options in IT. You can work from anywhere and get paid well if you have enough skill and creativity.

  2. Ollie Hicks

    November 5, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Hi Leila, you bring some good pros and cons about web design. Yes, I agree on your points. Web design promising a good future. Day by day, people move on virtual life and they need more and more websites. In this way, a web designer can solve this. So I have no doubt on this point. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rajon Islam

    January 20, 2019 at 10:19 am

    Yes, I agree with you. Web design career is getting demandable day by day. Any one can do this from any where at anytime. It is a freedom career.

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