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6 Keys to Writing a Promotional Email that Drives User Action

People get a lot of email; and a lot of them are not even opened. Just because it’s opened doesn’t mean any action is taken by the user. Use these six keys to write a promotional email that drives user action.

People get a lot of email; and a lot of them are not even opened. Just because it’s opened doesn’t mean any action is taken by the user. Use these six keys to write a promotional email that drives user action.

Target your audience

It’s important to know your audience. When writing, ask yourself what you want your audience to think and feel. Your goal here will depend on your company, its image, and its message. Make sure that you have a solid idea of what your company is about and are consistent, whatever you do. Once you are confident that you know your audience well, you can implement dynamic segmentation. Use dynamic segmentation to send out an email to a group that shares a cluster of traits and behaviors. Personalizing your emails this way results in people receiving offers targeted at them, making them much more likely to respond.

Timing is key

Despite the fact that people receive a ton of email, almost 50% of users still report that they are happy to get email offers weekly. It’s still important not to inundate users with too many emails or they will become habituated, and ignore them. This is where timing becomes very important. Once again, dynamic segmentation becomes very useful when implementing a triggered campaign. Start with your dynamic segmentation group, then as people no longer meet its requirements, over time they are dropped from the list. This way you are only reaching people that remain within your parameters, and not continuing to email people who will no longer be interested in your offer. This strategy is also a good way to prevent your campaign from becoming an annoyance to people who otherwise see your company, and campaign, positively.

Create a relationship

Your first priority when writing your promotional email is to establish a positive relationship with the reader, and the best way to accomplish this is through creating trust. Introduce yourself by name and position yourself as a friend who has an offer the reader can get some real value out of. “It’s important that you not only make promises, but that you deliver on them in a timely fashion. You can establish trust this way; making an offer, and then following up, as any good friend should. Prove to your reader that they can get value out of this new relationship,” advises Jan Hardy, newsletter writer at Essayroo.

Offer some value

You’ve got something, a product, some knowledge, or a service, that can benefit the email recipient, otherwise you wouldn’t be contacting them. Offering them something of value will grab and maintain their attention, endear them to your company, and encourages them to look into your products and company further. If you’re really struggling for something to offer your recipient, consider giving them a discount or simply promote a great product or service of yours. Explain how your product can solve a problem or meet a need of theirs.

Keep it simple 

When a reader opens your email or lands on your page, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Keep your message simple and straight to the point, or you will lose readers. Write as if you were having a friendly conversation and avoid technical jargon and industry talk. Your pitch should be short, but powerful.

Writing and editing your promotional email to perfection

You’ve got some great ideas, but if you can’t translate them into a well-written and edited email, then they will go to waste. Here are some great resources to get you started:

#1. StateOfWriting and MyWritingWay – These are useful writing resources that can help you write a convincing promotional email.

#2. UKWritings and Boomessays – Use these helpful resources to make sure you are using citations correctly and that your word count is where it should be. You don’t want to drone on and lose your reader’s interest. They are recommended by Ukservicesreviews.

#3. ViaWriting and SimpleGrad – These are grammar guides that will help you make sure your promotional email copy is error free. There’s no quicker way to turn off a reader then a silly, yet preventable, grammatical error.

#4. Big Assignments and Australianhelp – These are communities of writers where you can seek advice for help writing your promotional email. Read review to find more about the service.

#5. StudyDemic and Writing Populist – These are useful editing blogs that will help you polish your email copy to perfection. You’re trying to motivate someone to use your product, so it’s crucial to make a good impression.


It’s a difficult task to write a promotional email that prompts action. If you target your audience, get your timing right, create a relationship, offer some value, keep your message simple, and write and edit your email to perfection, you will have a promotional email that drives user action.

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Grace Carter is an email marketer and blogger at Type My Essay and OX Essays, where she develops email marketing campaigns. Also, Grace teaches grammar at Queensland assignment service, educational writing website.

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