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6 Best TikTok Video Editing Apps to Try

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Want to make the next viral video? TikTok is where to be. But before you go sharing your next click-worthy video, make sure it’s up to snuff and captures the attention of viewers via creative editing. Luckily, TikTok offers its own effect tools, but to present unique videos, these days it’s just not enough. These days, you need a more versatile, all-comprehensive editing tool for your TikTok videos to reach millions.

So protect your gear with phone cases and AirPods case covers as you get ready to shoot your dance moves and action shots. Or, if you’re working on a desktop, slip on those sustainable blue light glasses and pull up your latest video. It’s time to experiment and get creative with the six best TikTok video editing apps.

#1 Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is offered in two desktop variations: a standard and FilmoraPro, each with endless video editing capabilities. However, when you need something more transportable, you can download their FilmoraGo video editing app. While it’s not nearly as impressive in terms of content creation editing, it does boast tons of tools to help create an awesome TikTok video. From fun stickers and effects that enhance a video to easily-syncable, royalty-free music, FilmoraGo has everything you need to edit and share your latest TikTok with the world.

The downsides of Filmora? You’ll have to film using your phone first and then edit. For some, this isn’t an issue, especially if they own the latest iPhone 13 Pro with all its bells and whistles. But if you prefer a quicker shoot-and-share method, it is a hindrance.

Availability: iOS with Android coming soon

#2 Funimate

Source: Postmodern Studio/

Funimate: short for fun animations. And boy is it! If you like your TikTok videos over the top, Funimate is the perfect video editing app for you and allows you to customize your very own effects. More importantly, Funimate offers the best of both worlds. Its tools are super impressive and capable of pleasing picky editors who want only the best while making them easy to learn for TikTok newbies.

The biggest con of Funimate is that it requires you to transition to a second app to add music or stylized colors. The Funimate watermark can be annoying, too. But the fundamentals are there and, for some, it’s just enough.

Availability: iOS and Android

#3  BeeCut

BeeCut is a well-regarded video editing app applauded by many TikTok influencers to make viral videos. So what does it offer? Let’s break it down. First off, it’s great for newbies who are still learning the ins and outs of editing tools. One of the best features of BeeCut is that it offers the ability to customize your video’s length, contrary to other editing apps that have pre-set length restrictions. Another bonus is BeeCut’s various aspect ratios. Use a 16:9 widescreen for dramatic shots of adventures across a landscape or the square 1:1 for Instagram, too.

With all the pluses of BeeCut, there’s bound to be some minuses. BeeCut doesn’t offer voice over options (which means you might need to use two apps) and it isn’t compatible with 360 video. Furthermore, BeeCut doesn’t make it easy to share or export. It’s straight to TikTok or downloaded onto your computer. Luckily, this editing app does have desktop versions that you can use on a PC or Apple device. Then, you can get creative with other ways to share from there.

Availability: Apple and Android (but PCs and Macs, too!)

#4 iMovie

This TikTok video editing app is an awesome option for Apple users. The iMovie app gives you professional video editing features that can up your game in terms of filmmaking, but it’s a great way to edit TikTok videos, too. You can trim clips to cut out blooper-like mistakes and add transitions and fades, too.

Elevate your TikTok video clips with one of the iMovie app’s 13 high-fidelity filters and upload for all to see. The iMovie app also allows you to speed up or slow down clips to add an extra bit of drama. There are even split-screen effects and picture-in-picture effects for those Reaction videos. Of course, there are too many features to mention — like video stabilization, soundtracks and sound effects — but try it out for yourself and play around.

Availability: iOS only

#5 InShot

Source: sdx15/

InShot offers a versatile video editing app that can really elevate your social game. However, even with all its technology, InShot is still pretty adaptable and easy to use, even for someone new to editing video footage.

InShot also offers stickers and text, animated for those eye-catching graphics. You can also add your own music to your TikTok videos so long as you have the right to use the song. Not a musician or able to pay for song rights? No problem. InShot offers its own royalty-free music and sound effects. You can also add your own voice-overs, allowing you to shoot a vlog first and take as many voice-over takes as you need — sans tongue-twisters and curse slip-ups — to get it right. Once you’re done, post straight to TikTok to share with followers.

Availability: iOS and Android

#6 Lomotif

Need to add some tunes to your TikTok videos? Lomotif can help with just that, featuring millions of tracks and music that spans genres from hip-hop to country classics and more. With Lomotif, you can add recent hits from all the top artists straight to your TikTok boomerangs and save them to the app to share with the Lomotif community. However, with all the songs they offer, editing is somewhat limited so we still encourage you to create videos through another app.

Availability: iOS and Android

Share Your TikTok Videos with the World

Looking for more TikTok video editing apps? Just follow the advice of fellow TikTokers and use the good video editing apps they find most worthy. TikTok editing apps might come and go. And some will reign supreme, but you can always seek advice from top influencers doing the stuff they do best.

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