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6 Best Dual Cab UTEs for Tradies

Toyota HiLux ready for sale

UTEs are big business vehicles in Australia. A look at the sales data coming from Down Under would reveal that these UTEs are among the best-selling vehicle variants in the market today, and some of them are doing an exceptional job to break sales records year after year.

There are a number of options available in the market, and tradespeople rely on popular choices that others can vouch for as well. Gone are the days when the market had only two or three dual cab UTEs for tradies, as we now have a number of options. New-generation models have popped up and car manufacturers and sellers are cashing in on the Australian infatuation for UTEs.

In this article, we take a look at the best dual cab UTEs for tradies. This list has been compiled with great attention to detail and will provide you with the two best variants in the market. Stay with us as we jump deep and find the right options for you.

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is, without a doubt, a favorite with tradies today. Almost 40 percent of all tradies in a recent survey mentioned they loved the Hilux and would love it over any other UTE in the market. The Hilux has bossed Australian markets for over 17 years and is currently one of the best-selling models by Toyota in the market.

Toyota’s Hilux does not only come with a beastly look but also boasts of an exemplary interior. The interior of the vehicle is complemented through decent features that make it comfortable and luxurious. The vehicle also does exceptionally well on off-road tracks to get user confidence and trust.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is second only to the Hilux when it comes to user confidence and trust. Tradies prefer the Ranger for its extraordinary external look and rugged exterior. The nicely trimmed dual cab interior makes the Ranger a good addition to a tradie’s fleet.

The Ford Ranger is also good for family trips and tours, as it comes with comfortable seating that can accommodate anyone. Almost all Top-end Ford Rangers come with well-trimmed double cab interiors, which are further complemented through a nice exterior.

Volkswagen Amarok

The popular Amarok may not have cracked the code in the Australian market yet, but it is still preferred by tradies for its strong build and comfortable ride. The Amarok is a hot seller worldwide and is trusted by a number of consumers across the globe. The Amarok faces stiff competition from the Hilux and Ranger here and is yet to sweep the market off its feet.

The one thing that sets the Amarok apart from others in the market is its excellent design and easy handling. The vehicle comes with a V6 version that performs extraordinarily well on the highway and gives a stellar performance overall.

Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi’s Triton is another excellent dual cab UTE for tradies to make it to our list. The Triton offers the best of both worlds, as it comes with an excellent off-road experience, coupled with the convenience that city riders desire on congested town roads. The vehicle comes with a convenient and comfortable interior. The vehicle is also extremely light on petrol and will save you from unnecessary expenses in the future.

Nissan Navara

The smooth-riding Navara is also a desirable dual cab ute for tradies today. Nissan’s Navara combines fuel efficiency with a powerful body and engine to give the best of both worlds. With rising fuel costs, tradies like the excellent fuel efficiency of the Nissan Navara.

The cabin for the Navara is extremely soothing and comfortable and resembles that of the Triton to a certain extent. The Navara is also easy to park and will not be difficult to manage on tight spots. You can study this buying guide for the Nissan Navara to know what else it has to offer.

Holden Colorado

Holden’s Colorado has roped in improvements over time and is one of the more powerful utes in the market today. The excellent diesel engine in the vehicle can be hard to maintain and fuel up, but you get commendable power over off-road drives in return. All Colorado’s come with exceptional connectivity inside, as you can integrate your phone with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

We hope you liked this list of the best dual-cab utes for tradies. All vehicles in this list are popular with users, and you can choose from them to buy one that best meets your requirements.

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