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6 Apps That Every Online Student Should Have

Online learning is a worthwhile undertaking, but it comes with its own unique challenges. That’s why the aspiring online student should be equipped with the best tools possible. Since the education is taking place online, it’s only fitting that those tools include a handful of apps to make the learning process go smoother. Here are a half-dozen apps that will help online students get the most out of their education.

There’s a wealth of apps out there to help the online student.

Wi-Fi Finder

The whole point of taking online courses is to have that convenience of being able to learn outside of the confines of a traditional classroom. That means that you better have a decent Internet connection. This app scans for Wi-Fi hotspots that you’re in proximity to. It works for smart phones and tablets.


With a name like that, how can you go wrong? This app is perfect for keeping you organized. Use it to set your class schedule as well as deadlines for homework and reports. What’s more, when you add your class schedule to the app, it will automatically silence your phone during the class time, so you’ll never end up being that person!


Are you wondering how you’re doing, grade-wise? As the clever name implies, this app calculates your Grade Point Average. Now you need not ever be in the dark as to where you stand in terms of GPA. Granted, you can probably figure out your GPA the old-fashioned way, but why go through all that bother when you can have an app do it in less time?


This app is not only good for students; it’s good for anyone who has a healthy amount of information that they’d like to see stored safely and securely. But let’s stick with students for now. If there’s one thing that good students generate, it’s data, primarily in the form of reports, papers, research, and notes. With Dropbox’s mobile app, the online student has access to all of their data on their smart phone. Not only that, the student can have access to any file saved through Dropbox on your iPad, laptop, PC, or Dropbox’s website.


One characteristic common to both online college students and those who attend classes on a physical campus is the need for textbooks. It’s an inevitability, and usually a pricey one. But if you just want to rent a textbook, you can use the Chegg app to rent (or buy, if you really want to) e-textbooks. You can even rent or buy actual physical textbooks, if there’s no electronic version of the book in question. But if there is, then just pause and consider the sheer convenience (not to mention portability!) of having all of your textbooks on your mobile device!

Flashcards Lite

Hey, remember flashcards? Well, this free app lets you create a single set of flashcards at a time, which can be a terrific tool for studying before that big test. Turn that public transportation commute or long line wait into prime study time!

If you dedicate more time to searching, you’ll find a lot more apps out there to help make online education easier. Read “5 Mobile Apps That Are Great For Online Students” and save yourself some time searching. Just be careful that you don’t get too sucked into doing app searches that you end up missing your classes!

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