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5 WordPress Plugins for Non-Techies to Design a Stunning Website

There are plugins to let you design your WordPress website your own way even though you are using a third party theme.

Let’s have look at the most essential ones to customize your WordPress Design.

Building a website is no more a chore technical work today. It’s an era of CMS (Content Management System) that allows even a restaurant owner or a travel agent to make necessary changes to his/her website without the help of a developer and without writing a single line of codes. And when we are talking about CMS, WordPress automatically enters into the discussion. It was primarily introduced as a blogging platform but the ease that it comes with makes it the most popular CMS today.

If you are to create a website in easy steps, the very first thing you need to contemplate about is the overall look and feel. Normally, it requires the knowledge of Photoshop and HTML codes but with WordPress, you don’t need to worry much about it. There are a lot of free and paid themes available for WordPress. Just choose one of them based on your requirement and you will be done with the design of your website. Now, you can customize the theme as per your wish but the options for customization in a particular theme often don’t match all your requirement. So, there are plugins that let you design your website your own way even though you are using a third party theme.

Let’s have look at the most essential ones to customize your WordPress Design.

Menu Social Icon

Most WordPress themes come with two menus, namely header and footer. But if you have a look at the modern sites, you would find that they have a social menu with links to social media pages of the business concerned. This is highly beneficial as viewers can directly visit your social media pages and come to know about your latest social media updates. Apart from this, it widens the scope of branding as the visitors become aware of your social media presence.

If your theme doesn’t support three menus, you can do it by using the Menu Social Icon plugin. With it, you can create a separate menu for your social media links and place it on the sidebar or footer using the widgets.

Elementor Page Builder

WordPress themes generally have separate layouts for the home page and inner pages. The WordPress editor allows you to change or add the texts and images on these pages. But what if you want to add different design elements on these pages? Not to worry. With Elementor, you can add columns, buttons, icon boxes, image boxes, image carousels, testimonial sections, tabs, accordions, calendars, search bars, Google Maps and more. The plugin also allows you to add various types of templates so that you can design all your pages in different ways. Apart from this, you can use various types of typography styles and effects with Elementor.

Master Slider

A slider can be one of the most attractive design elements on your website, especially if your site has a variety of services, products and offers to display. Therefore, installing a plugin to create slides is out and out necessary. Not every plugin lets you create full-width sliders. With Master Slider, you can select the height and width of your slides. So, install it and paste the shortcode on the pages you wish and let the slides move.

Share Buttons by AddThis

Do you want to make it easy for your visitors to share any beneficial content on your website? Then, you should install Share Buttons by AddThis. With it, you can create social sharing buttons on every page of your website. It also enables you to select the social media channels and styles of buttons that are going to be displayed. If you want to create a different set of buttons for mobile devices with a different set of social media platforms, you can also do that with the plugin.

Responsive Menu

The menu bar in the desktop version and mobile version differs in every theme. When it’s about the mobile menu, the responsive menu plugin is highly recommended. It comes with clearly visible main menus and submenus and added to that, it has a search bar enabling users to search contents on your website. So, you don’t need to waste any extra space on your landing page to create a search bar.

SiteOrigin CSS

There has never been more useful a plugin developed for non-techies to make changes in the design of a WordPress site than SiteOrigin CSS. With it, you can do almost everything that a professional designer is assigned for and that too without writing codes. It lets you change the background and text colors used in different sections on your website. It also enables you to change the font styles and sizes of the texts. Most of the non-techies face problems with placing elements on a website and creating or minimizing spaces within different sections. SiteOrigin CSS allows users to manage spaces on websites easily. Apart from this, you can create padding and margin for specific elements on your landing page, create or change images of a particular section and determine the opacity level of contents.

So, don’t get disappointed if you are in the middle of your design process and can’t go ahead with your plan. You are nothing less than a web designer today. Just make use of the plugins discussed above and create a stunning website just by spending few hours. Best of luck. 

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Myself Ratul Roy, a contributor Being a writer by passion and a digital marketer by profession, I have always tried to provide useful information to aspiring SEOs and web designers. I have also managed to build a strong reader base through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well as forum sites like Quora.

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