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5 Ways to Quick Blog Monetization

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How do you monetize your blog? This is a question that is often in the mind of bloggers particularly those who are new in the ‘business’. I am usually very careful when it comes to dealing with this question because as far as I am concerned, blogging should be fun, something bourne out of interest and not really for the purpose of making money. Don’t get me wrong, you might as well make money from blogging which is fair enough however, I have observed that for most of those whose main motivation is blog monetization patience is conspicuously absent from their dictionary.

The process of blog monetization is a long road and requires a lot of patience which can only be helped by a natural interest in blogging. Once you have decided that you are ready to start making some money from your blog, the following are 5 popular ways of doing so.

  1. Google Adsense: Yes, the world famous Google Adsense stands alone. It is an ad serving application that is unrivalled in terms of efficiency and remuneration. It allows registered users to display advertisements on their Web page in various formats, which include text, image and videos. Google Adsense revenue are generated on a per-click or per-impression basis.
  2. Pay Per Click: Pay Per Click (PPC) programs make use of an Internet advertising model in which advertisers pay Website owners an amount of money every time their ad is clicked. Websites or blog publishers that use PPC ads show an advertisement whenever a keyword query matches that of the advertiser or whenever relevant content is displayed and are paid accordingly. Examples of PPC networks are Kontera, Bidvertiser, Chitika and Infolinks.
  3. Pay Per Post: A Pay Per Post (PPP) program is such that advertisers pay bloggers to create videos or blog posts. The contents are usually paid for once they have been published and if they meet the advertiser’s requirements. Advertisers can be quite selective in PPP and may use measures such as Alexa and Google Page Rank to exclude blogs. Examples of PPP services are and
  4. Paid Reviews: In Paid Review (PR) programs, publishers are offered cash to write or publish a sponsored review on their blog. Some advertisers would require you to write unbiased reviews while others are a bit stricter and controversial in their requirements which forbids negative reviews. There are usually other requirements such as, word limit and ratings. Example of PR sites are Paid2Review and Sponsored Reviews.
  5. Direct Advertisers: Finally, you can make money for your blogging efforts by communicating directly with potential advertisers to place ads on your blog. Usually, potential advertisers will not accept such invitations if you do not have a high-traffic Website. Just like in every business, a properly executed direct advertising campaign can offer a positive return on investment.

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Do you agree that the most important question to ask is not how to monetise your blog but rather when to monetise it? Are you aware of other ways of making money from blogging?

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