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5 Ways to Find Epic Blog Writers for Your Website

So you have got a website and would like to create great content for the blog you added to it. As you know, it means a long-term task, meaning that, even if you like and are good at writing, you might not have the time to get it done.

If this is your case, then you should count on the expertise of an epic blog writer, someone with the experience that you need to create the best posts for you. Still, you might be wondering where and how you can find someone capable and reliable to do it. So here is your answer.

# 1 – Check some online freelance platforms

The first place where you are going to look for a freelance writer is an online freelance platform. There you can check profiles, post your job, and receive quotes or proposals.

And if you aren’t familiar with any of them, see below a bit about the most popular ones at the moment:

Upwork: for high-quality freelancers

Upwork has merged with Elance, increasing its number of high-quality freelancers available. There you won’t be charged to post your job or to review profiles. Only if you hire someone to do the task that you need, you will have to pay a processing fee of 2.75%. The platform offers a message board for you to communicate with your blog writer, and a safe system for direct payment once the job is done. for the highest number of freelancers is probably the most famous platform, possibly thanks to their perfect website domain. There you will find a large number of writers fighting for a job, so you might be able to get cheaper quotes – but make sure that you check the quality of their work first. You will also be able to post contests and let the best one win.

Fiverr: for the lowest price

But if you what you want is the quantity and not quality, then have a look at what Fiverr has to offer. There, the price is what matter, but make sure that you read the ad carefully – because it will say exactly what you can get for that amount of money. And yes, you got it right. Different from Upwork and Freelancer, blog writers can post their own ads on Fiverr.

# 2 – Contact an online writing service

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of posting a job, going through profiles, and managing a freelancer, then you will like to check the online writing services available out there.

These are agencies that you can contract for one-off or regular jobs, depending on your need. They will quote you per word, and they are usually much more affordable than a freelancer – but they all still claim to have only professional writers on their staff.

And don’t be put off by their brand names. Essay Supply, for instance, don’t write only essays, but any type of content. Plus, with an agency, you are more likely to hear a big yes if you ask for a last minute job – most of them promise that they can deliver some writing to you after only 6 hours.

# 3 – Contact bloggers directly

Most of the bloggers will be happy to take some extra job, even when they are busy with their own writing. It will mean for them some extra money to reinvest in their blog, for instance, and a chance to do some networking and promote their personal brand.

So don’t be afraid of contacting a blogger directly. If you read his or her blog and think you would like the same style of yours, look for their contact details and drop a message. Even if you prefer that they don’t sign the posts, they still might be interested in the extra cash.

The only concern that you want to have is to tie up all terms of the job in a contract, including copyright and liability issues. As they might be living on the other side of the world, it is better to be safe than sorry.

# 4 – Use Google Search

If you prefer to try your luck on the internet, you can also try to find the blog writer of your dreams using Google Search. Just type in the search bar some keywords that summarize what you are looking for and start checking the results.

As most freelancers will have their own websites or blogs, it is very likely that you will find a good number of pages to check. So take your time and go through their portfolio and presentation, as both should tell you a lot about the quality of their work.

# 5 – Try LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can search for profiles of blog writers. And it will give you a very good idea of their background and personality – if they have been created correctly. You can also have a look at groups of freelancers, and of freelance writers in particular, and engage in conversations that can help you to figure out who is the best professional to write posts for you.

In those groups, you can also be straight forward and post about your job – just check the group guidelines before doing it. But, it should be your last resort, used only when you are in a hurry. LinkedIn groups can give you much more than a quote, but also a good idea of the reliability and expertise of each blog writer chatting there.

Get prepared to give clear instructions

No matter how you decide to look for a blog writer, you need to be prepared to give them clear instructions about what you want. It is the only way so to avoid disappointments or that you end up having to pay twice for the same job.

Some information is extremely crucial in this case, such as the number of posts you need, how many words they will have, which topics you want covered, your deadline, and how you will publish the post in the end. An experienced freelance writer will also want to know your goals, and a bit about your target audience so it can create adequate content for you.

So be ready to answer the questions you will get, or to do some research, or even spend some time making considerations, if you don’t have the answers straight away. It is all be necessary to ensure that you will be happy with the posts that you will receive – or that you be right when you complain about them.

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Pat Fredshaw is a passionate writer, educator, tutor and guest contributor for many blogs. She writes about blogging, marketing and college life.

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