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5 Top iPhone Printer Apps

PhotobucketThe latest edition of iPhone was released last September 12 and immediately got the attention of the media, the trendsetters and the geeks. Apparently, Apple had showed that the iPhone craze hasn’t cave in and isn’t threatened by other smartphones out in the market. But prior to that, iPhones basically became popular due to the fact that it can execute a plentiful number of applications and can act as a smaller version of a computer tablet.

One of these mobile applications is the Instagram which was released in 2010; it acts as a photo-sharing mobile program and a social-network platform at the same time. Then there’s the e-book reader application that lets mobile gadget users read and skim their favorite books under PDF formats. But not’s the end of it, there are also mobile applications created to enable its users sync their iPhones and other smartphones to other peripheral devices such as their desktop computers, televisions and printers. Yes, printers.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to name a few iPhone applications that are programmed perfectly to manage and print your files from your iPhones straight to your printer, and which you can download from iTunes:

  • PrintCentral – From your iPhone to your iPod Touch and iPad, this mobile printing application from EuroSmartz enables you to view, store and print Microsoft Office files, PDF files, large documents, photos, web pages and all iWork files. It also has an advanced featured email app to view email accounts, print and save e-mail and attachments. The PrintCentral can also browse and print webpages to all printers as well as SMS/text messages, contacts and address or shipping labels. It allows you to zip, unzip and convert files as well. It prints to all printers via WiFi, Bluetooth, and network, as well as in 3G, 4G and Cloud.
  • PrinterOn – is designed specifically for iPhones and iPads allows users to print documents to any location that has a Print-Spot enabled printer. This mobile application uses Cloud technology to send and receive data securely across the Internet, disregarding the use of any drivers to connect the device to the printer. It can print Microsoft Office files from Word, Excel and Powerpoint, PDF files, e-mails and photos. PrinterOn also provides you with code to make sure that only you can see your documents.
  • Air Photo – is an ideal mobile photo printing application compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Awarded as one of iLounge 100 Essential iPhone apps, Air Photo simply enables easy and fast photo printing to any printer connected on the local WiFi network. It is compatible to all printers and WiFi environments and has basic editing features such as scaling and auto-rotation. It can also print PDF files and iPhone screenshots.
  • Printer Pro – is capable of printing varied types of documents such as attachments, iWork documents, webpages, files from other applications, DropBox documents, GoogleDocs and MobileMe iDisk and contacts from your iPhones. Printer Pro is developed by Readdle Inc. to easily sync with your printer and prints your documents fast. Aside from that, Readdle Inc. offers iPhone users a free trial of PrinterPro for them to test whether the mobile application is perfectly compatible to their printers.
  • Print N Share – allows you to print to all printers and can connect to most WiFi or wireless printers without the need of an extra software. It also enables you to view and display large PDF files, Microsoft Office documents and iWork files. It can also transfer and store files from Cloud or your computer. This mobile printing application is also developed by EuroSmartz Inc.

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Erika Celario is a content writer under the marketing department of, the leading HP toners and printer cartridge specialists.



  1. Geniusgeeks

    October 4, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    I haven’t really used any of the above printer apps on my device yet. Airprint is the one and only resort for me, but then again I don’t have much printing job either. I guess the above collection will help me in future.

  2. Shirley

    October 8, 2012 at 11:32 am

    i think printcentral and print n share are half price at the mo?

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