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5 Tips to Changing your Address When you Move Abroad

If you are anything like most people I know, the thought of moving to a new country is thrilling. Actually, people don’t bother about the cumbersome process that is needed. Their focus is on the ultimate goal of moving.

You see, the packing of your bags, checking your passport status, medical status and your official documents, among others, is not as complicated if you have the help of your friends and family.

However, when it comes to changing your address, it’s never a cup of tea. Remember, this was your official address so, you may have a lot to do for everything to continue running smoothly. Below are the tips to guide you through the process.

Be cautious

For most individuals changing their address means contacting bill collectors, friends, family, and others who currently send mail to their home. However, it is easy to forget some tiny details that may cost you big time.

If you are a homepreneur, you will need to update your website details, bank details which include your online bank information and your directories. This is to ensure that all of your sales continue streaming in.

Inform the new post office

The fact that you are moving abroad makes it vital to inform the new post office of your change. If you are moving to the US, for example, you can change the address online by visiting the portal and submitting your details or go to your local post office to obtain and fill out form 3575. Alternatively, contact the US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) to register your new address.

Delegate the process

Since you have a lot to do during the moving process, consider delegating some roles. The change of address requires you to take note of various things, some of which you may not be aware of because there is always a difference in operation from one country to another.

There are services that can do the work for you. This will save you time and make sure you include all essentials since they are familiar with the process. However, conduct research before settling on the service company to employ.

Ease the process and notify all those who you do business with

The mail forwarding will keep forwarding letters and mail to your new address but, at some point, they will stop. To be on the safe side, be sure that you inform your mailers of your new location and address. You can do this 2 weeks before the move.

In addition, notify those you are in business with of your changed address. They include your bank and credit card companies to be on the safe side, your creditors and debtors, the magazine subscription, your friends and family members. Take time to order a new driver’s licence, government or state ID, and bank cards all with a new address obtained.

Verify your address

The process of moving entails a lot and this last procedure may save you a lot of losses. While you might want to forego this step, I urge you to conduct a keen verification. Confirm your street and zip code and that your financial institutions have your new address in order.

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