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5 Things to Know Before Moving in with Your Better Half

It’s so exciting to take a relationship to another level. There’s nothing better than coming home to your better half. It’s comfortable and fun. No more fancy dates and awkward conversations about whose place we need to hang out at.

You could decorate your apartment before your better half comes back home or set up surprises like these to make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy. There’s so much you could do if you stay together.

Moving in together could be tricky though. You need to define a lot of things before you pack your bags so that you can save yourself and your partner from being in a mess.

1. Find your space and define individual space

Each of us needs our solo space, away from the world. Especially in our own house. Lay down the rules of personal space before moving in. Different people have different needs. Your partner may not appreciate clinginess.

Although you might have spoken about your personal space in the house, it could be difficult to find a house that suits your and your partner’s need. It’s best to look for apartments online than bearing the brunt of meeting judgemental flat owners or roaming around with real shady estate agents.

The best way to find a house if you are planning to move in is by looking up on They don’t let you interact with the flat owner at all. All the interactions about the apartment are conducted through the NestAway app or their website. This includes the communication with NestAway officials for inspecting apartments and paying the rent after you start living in a NestAway apartment.

2. You have to spend quality time together

Now that you will start staying together, it takes extra effort to spend quality time with each other. You must plan regular date nights or movie nights at home.

When you stay alone, you going to your partner’s house to binge watch a show is different. But when you stay together, you are spending time with your partner at home all the time. Binge watching won’t count as quality time anymore.

3. Don’t forget the intimacy

Although our intimate lives are spicier in the beginning of the relationship, it usually begins to fade out with time. It’s very easy to not feel intimate with your partner when you start staying with them.

You have to take an extra effort to keep the intimacy alive. Keep the sheets begging for more of your body juices mixed with your partners.

4. You can always move out

Lastly, know that you can always move out or you could move in when you are more comfortable. After a few months may be. But, know that you always have that option. You don’t have to take this decision under any pressure.

5. Discussing the reasons to move in is very important

You need to figure out the pros and cons with your partner before moving in together. Talk it out. Discuss the finances and other responsibilities. Determine how you will split the expenses. Helping each other with finances is one thing but, taking responsibility for determined tasks is another important thing.

Moving in together is a huge commitment. It takes an effort to adjust to your partner’s needs, especially in the initial phase. The biggest challenge is finding the right place that is suitable for both of you. Reach out to Nestaway for further house rental solutions.

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