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5 Things You Didn’t Know CRM Could Do For Ecommerce

When most people think about CRM software, the last thing that pops into their mind is that it may be able to help the better run and manage their online store. What you might find surprising after reading this is that there are a variety of ways that you can use ecommerce CRM software to help with your online store. Namely, with better understanding your customers, improving conversions and being able to make small changes to your store and more. We’ll explore five benefits it offers so that you can see how it can help.

Richer, Deeper Analytics

First things first: do you really know what your customers are doing across all of your sale channels? You see, CRM for ecommerce pulls all of this data and puts it into one space for you. What this means is that you have the unprecedented ability to look deep into your analytics and across all of your channels at once.

Previously, you had to mine data by hand from your channels and analytics and cull it manually. This is a tedious and error prone process. Instead, you can now find out who is doing what and when and why on all of your channels. Knowing this key information can help you make small improvements to your sales channels to maximize conversions and reduce abandonment.

Customer Habits Revealed

What are your customers doing and what can you do to cater to these habits? Do certain products perform better on certain sales channels? Perhaps some customers prefer to buy from one channel over another. Or maybe you can drive higher price points on a channel on certain products over others.

Knowing what your customer habits are is incremental in you increasing sales. For example, you can take all of this data that’s been provided by your CRM solution and then use it to create custom sales strategies, special offers, newsletters, banner ads and more to help drive more sales from specific channels or across all channels.

Reduction of Returns

Returns can cost online businesses a fortune. Experts say that about two out of three products are returned that are bought online. But if you have a good idea of what is being returned, by whom and when, you can modify your offers to reduce returns and protect your bottom line.

For example, say that the CRM lets you know that a certain product is returned often. You can choose to stop offering it or improve it to reduce returns. Or, for example, say you find out that certain people are making serial returns. You can then cater your marketing and special events to exclude those people so you reduce returns and maximize revenue.

Improved Sales Strategy

Want to make more off each sale that you run? Then you need to know how to market it to the right sales channel and the right customers. With email, newsletter, analytics, social and customer relationship management tools at your fingertips, this task just became a lot easier and less time consuming.

With the right solution, you can easily cull customer data and buying patterns. Then you can take this data and know what you should market for each special event and to what customers you should be marketing it to in order to realize the greatest return on investment as possible.

Increased Productivity

You can also improve the productivity with your online business by using CRM software for your ecommerce store. With integrated tasks lists, team tagging, chat and more, your entire company is now held to a higher level of accountability. Now everyone has been assigned their tasks and needs to learn how to complete them. Along the way, they have access to group chat and team tools so they can complete them in a timely manner.

What’s more, your customer service team now has direct access to customer data. This allows them to better serve the customer and even process returns or order over the phone.

These are just a few of the many ways a simple software solution like CRM can help your online store succeed.

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