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5 Surefire Ways to Powercharge Your Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing in the age of connected customers, smart devices and heightened expectations is one behemoth task. What’s a modern marketer to do when customers are switching between multiple platforms across several digital channels at once and Google algorithms are changing every day?

To keep your digital marketing sharp as a tack in this dynamic landscape, here are the five best practices that ensure the success of your digital marketing campaigns and high ROIs on your precious marketing dollars.

1. Powerful Segmentation and Targeting

No matter how smart and witty is your ad on razors and beard oil, it won’t appeal to many women in general, and even annoy them if it appears too often. Creating great content is the first step, but making sure that it is served only to the right audience is equally important. Rolling out your ads generically across the networks and platforms is like casting a really wide net with no aim whatsoever. It costs too much and brings in lesser ROI, leading to a lackluster performance for your digital marketing campaign.

Brands need to make sure that their content is seen by as many right audiences as possible, and that requires planning. You need to perform effective customer segmentation and then roll out appropriate content to the different segments.

What this means is that you break down your entire target audience into smaller sub-groups based on factors like demographics, age, gender, stage of the customer journey as so on. How a bank interacts with your younger audience like millennials or Gen Z should be distinctly different from how they communicate with retirees and older customers.

So divide your audience into segments and create, or at least modify your content to appeal to each segment. Then make sure the right content is served to each segment using targeted digital marketing so that every individual sees content, blogs, social media posts and ads that feel tailor-made for them.

Note that it’s not just the content that you need to customize but also its delivery. Everything from the core value you’re offering, the offers, plans and benefits to the language, tone and even more of delivery must be chosen according to the segments choices. One segment responds better to email while another to social media.

2. Leverage Analytics and Keep Your Data Fresh

You need analytics to guide all your moves, from what to name the next campaign to which new markets to target. So make sure you leverage analytics every step of the way.

The important factor here is currency and accuracy. Data is constantly changing. Your customers are shifting homes and changing jobs, they’re growing up, switching email addresses, even their preferences and choices can change.

So constantly update your data including everything from location, age, contact information and other data. So cleanse your data at regular intervals, omitting outdated information and adding the latest relevant details.

3. Keep your SEO up to Date

It is said that Google changes its algorithms some 500 times a year. To ensure that your content gets exposed to the largest chunk of your target audience, it is crucial to stay on top of search engine optimization. SEO is a continuously evolving process and not a one time charm. Monitor your keywords and page views diligently to notice any changes in trends and tweak your strategy to ensure that you are ranking for the most searched keywords in your category.

Audit and update your SEO about once a quarter to stay current and relevant. Tweak your keywords, target newer platforms to promote your content, replace broken or missing links with fresh ones, update your content like blog posts and reports, with updated statistics and facts.

Monitor which where your traffic is coming from and analyze where you need to scale up or cut back your efforts, to gain maximum traction from the best sources. By doing all this and more, you keep your brand’s online presence highly optimized so that Google ranks it higher and customers see you every time they go searching Google for keywords relevant to you.

4. Refine and Optimize Your Omnichannel Approach

With audiences so vast and varied, it is impossible to real all-round benefits from your digital marketing by targeting any one platform. You can’t quite do with a mobile-first or desktop-first policy, as the two aren’t mutually exclusive. So you need to be sure that you nail both platforms at once, providing your customers with a seamless experience when the switch from one to another, which you know they will.

Similarly, crack down on multiple channels at once, simultaneously targeting email, social media and other channels where your target audience likes to flock. Once again, remember the segmentation we spoke about in point 1, keeping aware of where your clans are hanging out.

5. Put Your Customers First

It is the age of the empowered customer and gimmicky marketing is simply passé. You need to prioritize your customers and their benefits over promoting your own agenda. Most often, digital marketing professionals working around tight schedules and rigid agendas end up promoting their idea of the product, instead of highlighting what the customer stands to gain from it all.

When you shift your communication to customer-centric, that’s when the consumers take you seriously and the changes become visible in terms of conversions, click-throughs and sign-ups.

Wrapping Up

So if you’re looking to revamp your digital marketing and make it fresher, more edgy and result-oriented, the above 5 steps will help you ensure your customers can’t miss noticing it. Marketing itself has undergone a shift in the last few years and has become more about the customers than the brands.

Technology and algorithms have evolved by leaps and bounds and customers have gotten more demanding than ever. The above steps will, however, ensure that you stay atop the competition in all these areas and keep your digital marketing sharp and rewarding.

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Written By

Gaurav Belani is a senior SEO and content marketing analyst at Growfusely, a content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO. He has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing and loves to share his thoughts in publications like Business 2 Community, IEEE Computer Society, E27, Innovation Enterprise, and Addicted 2 Success to name a few. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and listening to music. Connect with him on Linkedinand Twitter @belanigaurav

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