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5 Step Guide for Making your Home Wheelchair Accessible

If you or an individual from your family must use a wheelchair to get around, you may profit by changing your home. Planning all the fundamental wheelchair housing is a procedure, yet you can spare time by making some essential changes. The key is to think about how you can advance free-living and give a protected, simple to manoeuvre living space.

Making your home wheelchair accessible doesn’t need to include building another home from scratch. Once in a while, it’s conceivable to make adaptations to your present home so as to make it simpler to move around in a wheelchair and advance autonomous living. Here are my 5 tips on the best way to make your home wheelchair accessible.

Build Ramps at Home Entrances:

Most homes have adequate space to possess a wheelchair ramp for each passageway—if your home does not, you could consider the option of introducing a vertical stage lift at each passageway. (In spite of the fact that it’s feasible for a few people to finish this work themselves, it’s typically best to work with a full-service contractor who has involvement in accessibility design.) Make sure all ramps are sufficiently wide to effectively suit your wheelchair. It’s likewise a smart idea to incorporate handrails, just as a non-slip surface and a cover.


Next, you’re going to need to concentrate on each door in your home. The Americans With Disabilities Act spreads out the legal standards and requirements for how accessible doors should be designed. The width of the entryway ought to be no under 32 inches so that there will be sufficient space for any wheelchair to come through.

Each door should be easy to open, including doorknobs that are easy on the hands and wrists. The entryway ought to have a lot of moving space and not utilize an auto-shutting entryway that closes too rapidly, so you will have an adequate measure of time to pass it without agonizing over being hit in the back.


When making a home accessible one of the needs ought to be given to the bathroom. Without access to the washroom, a wheelchair individual won’t most likely go to the bathroom, shower or complete essential individual care. I know from my own experience that adjusting my bathroom was given best need before I could move in.

A walk-in shower or wet room shower is basic with an appropriate shower commode seat. In any case, if expelling the shower is beyond the realm of imagination or you appreciate cleaning up, at that point, you might need to consider a couple of arrangements, for example, an electric bath lift/riser or a walk-in bath.


If anyone using a wheelchair, navigating stairs can be an awful experience. So as to streamline the task, introduce a vertical platform lift or stairway lift at each staircase in the home. This won’t just give full openness, it will give the wheelchair-bound individual sentiment of freedom. Stairway lifts should swivel, which enables the administrator to securely get in and out of the seat.

Around the Home:

Small things also effect on making your home wheelchair accessible. From how much furniture you use to the area of your fundamental room, considering regular subtleties can spare you dissatisfaction not far off.

  • Aim to limit the measure of furniture you need to enhance the opportunity of freedom all through the home.
  • Unless you have a lift in your two-story house, keeping your room and restroom on the principal floor ought to be a need since it will enable you to evade the worry of attempting to get all over the stairs.
  • Purchasing a shrewd doorbell with a camera that gives you a chance to see who’s at the entryway can spare you an outing over the house in the event that it isn’t vital.

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