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5 Signs It Is Time To Replace your Ice Machine

If you are having frequent issues with your ice machine, it may be time to replace it. Here are some signs to look out for.

While commercial ice makers can last a long time with proper care and maintenance, there might come a time when you’ll need to replace them. Like any other piece of machinery, their time comes to an end too. Whether it’s excessive maintenance or old age, there are several signs you can identify to learn if your ice machine needs to be replaced.

A commercial ice maker is used in various businesses, from hospitals and schools to offices, restaurants, and hotels. It is vital to several business operations, and old and faulty ice machines will create several obstacles for you. Thus, it is best to identify the common signs of a failing ice machine early on to prevent any issues or setbacks in your business.

This article will list and explain some signs that tell you it is time to replace your ice machine. Keep reading to learn more.

A Loud Compressor

While there are several components in an ice machine, the compressor is by far the most important one. The compressor and condenser work together to turn the water into ice by moving the refrigerant to the evaporator.

So if there is a loud noise (rattling, screeching, or air-sucking) coming from it every time you use your ice machine, it means something is working. This can be due to excessive use, poor ventilation, electrical issues, or dirt or dust buildup. In this case, either the compressor might need repair or the ice machine is nearing its lifespan.

One way to deal with a noisy compressor is to call the ice machine specialists at your rental company. On the other hand, if they do not cover the repairs, it’s best to get a new ice machine instead of spending a fortune fixing the issue.

Your Ice Maker is producing less ice

This is a highly common issue with several old ice machines. If your ice machine is not making as much ice as it used to, it might be time to repair or replace the unit entirely. While there can be a few reasons for this, such as a clogged water filter or a faulty valve, it is not always repairable.

If your ice maker is not making sufficient ice, this can be a huge problem, especially if it is adversely affecting your business operations. You don’t want to deal with repair issues every few months and waste time and money. Therefore, it is best to replace the unit completely.

Excessive Maintenance Issues

A commercial ice maker should be maintained and cleaned by a qualified ice machine specialist at least every six months for optimal operations and long service life. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, your ice maker won’t bother you except for requiring biannual maintenance.

However, if you have to call in technicians besides the biannual maintenance routine, it means your ice machine is nearing its end. As it reaches the end of its service life, the ice machine will have more and more repair and maintenance issues. Moreover, replacing an ice machine will cost less than having it repaired multiple times a year.

Frequent Ice Machine leaks

If your ice machine is leaking—internally or externally—it can cause excessive wear and tear to various components of the ice machine. It can also lead to rust and corrosion. Trying to figure out which part of the machine is affected by the leaks can be tough on your pocket. Therefore, if this issue is prevalent and you can’t find the source, it is best to replace the ice machine.

Low-quality Ice cubes

Finally, low-quality ice cubes are another clear indication that there is something wrong with your ice machine. It is supposed to produce clear and beautifully shaped ice cubes.

However, if the ice cubes seem cloudy or dirty and have a funny taste and odor, it means your ice machine is not performing optimally. This can be due to a clogged water filter and the buildup of impurities in your machine over time.

It can also be a result of a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. In this case, it is best to replace your ice maker unit, as poor-quality ice can adversely affect your business operations. You don’t want to tarnish the reputation of your business by having customers complain all the time.

Rent Commercial Ice Machines in Los Angeles

Now that you know the signs that tell you it is time to replace your ice machine, it is time to get a new one for your business. If you can’t afford to buy a new ice machine, you can always rent one from LA Ice Machine.

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The best part about them is that they offer their rental services online, accommodating the customer’s needs. They have been in the business for over 44 years, making them one of the oldest and most reliable commercial ice machine rental service providers in several parts of Southern California.

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