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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying Stickers on Your Cars

Some people look stylish in any outfit. Their personality and attitude help them to stay out of the crowd. Other people look dull no matter what outfit they choose.

The same theory is applicable for car stickers. Some people know how to install stickers on cars properly whereas some don’t even know the first step.

Just like any other beautiful decoration, car stickers work as a statement. Installing them will add extra perks to your car. Additionally, it also helps you to create something unique and amazing.

In this article, we will discuss 5 mistakes that you should avoid while applying car stickers. Continue reading the article to make sure that you’re applying stickers on your cars properly.

The No Stick Hitch

We assume that you’ve seen car stickers that flap in the breeze after they’re being installed. It looks like that someone used tape instead of adhesive to install the stickers.

This problem arises because they avoid cleaning the surface of the car before installation. Cleaning is extremely important as it removes dirt particles that are visible through the sticker. The dust particles can also remove the chemical treatments as well as make it ugly.

When you don’t wash the car surface before the sticker installation process, it will leave little room. Hence, the glue won’t be able to stick properly.

Get Rid of Bubbles

Do you love car stickers that have many air gaps or bubbles that you cannot even read the message? This is probably one of the most common mistakes people make while applying car decals.

The bubble problem arises only when you forget to fry out the car surface. They will stay trapped inside stickers unless you squeeze them out.

Not only do bubbles affect the effectiveness of car stickers but also damage the material.

You can get rid of bubbles by squeezing them out. Remember to use a soft cloth and a smooth plastic card while squeezing. As per Hunker, if this method doesn’t help, then pierce the stickers with a pin.

The Temperature is bad

Nobody loves car stickers that are burnt or look brown due to extreme heat. This happens because some people install car stickers at improper temperatures.

When the surface of your car is extremely cold, you’ll find it difficult to apply stickers. As the surface heats up, it will stretch. This sticker will resist stretching and it will experience bubbles.

On the other hand, if the car surface is too hot, it will melt the adhesive as well as the stickers.

Hence, you should stickers in the 70-degree range.

You Rip Off the Installation Film Instantly

If you want to successfully apply car stickers, remember that you should always avoid ripping odd the installation film too quickly. Some people are so impatient that they don’t pay enough attention while installing.

Don’t forget the adhesive takes some time to set. And if you try to pull the installation film during this period, it might destroy your sticker. Additionally, you shouldn’t peel the film too slowly or the adhesive will become solid.

Don’t Wash Your Car Instantly

Most people assume that it’s good to wash a car after the sticker is applied successfully. However, that’s not the case.

The adhesive takes more than 72 hours to finish the sealing and bonding. If you wash your car before 72 hours, the sealing of adhesive will become weaker.

Don’t apply water strikes on the stickers. It’s suggested to wash them by hand to preserve their durability.


These are the 5 mistakes you should avoid while applying stickers to your car. Now that you know the most common mistakes, do everything you can to avoid them. If you’re in doubt while installing, you should call professionals and they will help you to install your car stickers.

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