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5 Lucky Symbols in Chinese Culture

Who doesn’t want to be lucky? Whether it is work, health, or career, everyone desires luck in these aspects of life.

Every culture has unique symbols that signify good luck, and people believe that when they observe that particular symbol, they may witness positive results. Thousands of years of Chinese culture have established longstanding beliefs about luck in daily life.

Ample signs and phrases depict the upcoming happiness, prosperity, and wealth in Chinese culture. Dive in to learn about some common things that are considered in the Chinese tradition.

The Dragon

Numerous countries consider dragons to be evil and cruel monsters. However, in Chinese tradition, dragons have a positive image, which eventually signifies strength, royalty, success, and fortune. Dragons are imaginary creatures that mean a lot to Chinese people.

Besides a luck symbol, the dragon is also one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Apart from this, the dance of the dragon is considered to bring more luck, and the larger the size of the dragon, the more will be the fortune. Next time if you witness a dragon symbol or someone gifts you a dragon portrait, believe that fortune is on your way!

Laughing Buddha

Everyone is familiar with the celestial Buddha, which is a bald, rotund man laughing and holding prayer beads. Chinese culture gives much importance to the laughing Buddha as it is believed to be the symbol of love, care, and prosperity. These idols can be seen in temples, shops, and restaurants.

Another belief in the culture states that gifting a laughing Buddha idol to acquaintances brings good luck in their life. A laughing Buddha is one of the traditional Chinese new year gifts that are preferred by numerous people every year.

The Red Color

Red is the national color of China, which is the sign of status, power, and royalty. The color red is preferred for wedding outfits and other similar occasions as it is one of the colors that bring happiness and opulence in one’s life.

One can observe long red papers glued to doors along with Chinese messages embossed on them. These sayings represent a safe and prosperous New Year and augment family happiness. Chinese people usually put these papers outside their home or offices during the start of the year.

The Money Tree

The money tree is also one of the lucky things that people believe would bring wealth and prosperity in their life. According to the tradition: if you place money tree in your office or home, you open the gates to prosperity.

The growth of the tree depicts the financial luck of the owner, and it is believed that proper care and nurture of the tree brings abundance in life.


The tortoise is believed to have great powers as it can live up to 200 years and survive both on water and land. They bring health and happiness to an individual’s life. It is the symbol of longevity, which is the reason why people prefer keeping a tortoise idol in their home.

Moreover, these creatures are comparatively slow and sturdy, which signifies stability in life. Gifting tortoise idols to acquaintances on occasions is also preferred in China.

To Wrap Up

We know luck comes in many forms throughout life. Better lucky than smart!  Find luck in many forms, in Chinese culture!

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