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5 Indispensible iPhone Apps That Budding Journalists Cannot Live Without

The power of a journalist

Journalism encompasses everything right from hard-edged analytical reporting for a newspaper and a television channel to article writing for the consumer press and trade journals. Being on their toes always, they leave no stone unturned to help the general masses remain informed about the latest happenings ranging from state, local, national to international events. In doing so, a journalist performs a role which is important for the society. Directly or indirectly, journalists touch every part of one’€™s life. This indeed is a very tough job.

The transition to mobile journalism

Equipments such as Pens, Paper, Tape Recorder, Notebook and Laptop were a must have for every journalist until the iPhone came into the picture with several apps specially designed for them. With the help of these apps, journalists no longer need to make sure that they are all the time paper ready. The field of journalism is changing technologically and this brought about a complete transformation in the way a journalist covers news and also engages with their audience. With journalism turning mobile, it is natural that the role of journalists too should be renewed and tailored to the inescapable reality. Citizen journalists, bloggers, tweeters, all unheard about a decade ago, has transformed the face of news media and reporting.

From a revered blogger or citizen journalist to a fully-fledged reporter in a leading newspaper, getting news across to their online viewers timely is the key. Many a times, it happens that a journalist is not at their desk when a great story breaks. Together with this, they need to remain organized too. Thanks to the technological advent in the form of iPhone apps with the help of which they can cover breaking news on the move. The iPhone has completely changed the journalistic profession. Regardless of whether one is a foreign correspondent, independent travel writer or a budding journalist, there are an assorted range of iPhone applications which comes to their rescue. Fancy getting one’€™s hands on few of the best iPhone apps will work wonders in complementing their profession thereby making their job a little easy.

5 indispensible iPhone apps that budding journalists cannot live without

  • WordPress- Publishing is a key constituent for every journalist. These days there are many websites entirely built on WordPress. This application enables not only the general masses but also journalists to publish their posts with both text and photos. One can do their publishing with the help of an iPhone. The WordPress app provides a good option for getting a journalist’€™s work published especially when they are away from their laptop.

  • iSaidWhat- This is an outstanding iPhone audio application with manual controls. iSaidWhat enables a journalist to write a script which they can access via the core recording screen, alter the recording put in level and enable them to edit by trimming as well as arranging clips. With the help of this app, a journalist can share clips through email, by USB or over wireless networks.

  • BeenVerified- This application enables a journalist to background verify an individual. They can check if a person has a criminal record, find out about his family and neighbours and property information too. Moreover, they can also perform a phone search. By inputting a phone number they can check to whom it belongs and where they reside.

  • TuneIn Radio- This is an affordable, simple radio application that allows a journalist to monitor and record video. It is excellent for recording bulletins while on the move, for ensuring that they do not miss the latest progress on a story they are covering.

  • FiLMiC Pro- This iPhone app is worth trying if a journalist records footage regularly. FiLMiC Pro offers plenty of manual controls which also include GPS tagging, an audio meter and white balance.

These are just a few iPhone apps that can aid a journalism career to fit effortlessly with the persistently changing technology. With the passage of time more developments are likely to come up to make digital/mobile journalism simple.

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Piyush has thrown the light on ways in which iPhone apps development has become an important means to serve the requirements of journalist in this age of technology and working with Aegisisc Software-an organization offers to hire iPhone developers from India.



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