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5 Important Factors To Consider While Evaluating VOIP Services

It is important for you to choose the type of services that you will be using for your company. VoIP services come in various packages and different plans depending on the size or the number of units inside your office. Choosing the right plan will surely ensure your customer relationship in the long run, but choosing the wrong one will surely cause a lot of problems. Therefore, if you are planning to choose the right type of plan for you, you need to consider several of the following things about VoIP and what to choose when selecting one from the market.

#1: How much will it cost?

One of the most important factors when it comes to VoIP services is the amount that you are willing to pay. Most services, such as Skype and Google, offer free connections for users. You can use their line anytime and you do not have to worry about anything. They also offer free plug-ins and free media sharing. The only problem when it comes to such services is that they will often require you to pay a large amount if you are planning to call mobile phones or landlines.

This means that their deals can be a little bit expensive if you are not too careful. Hence, it is better to get commercial VoIP which offers better plans for calling mobile and landline numbers. Consider the amount first before you get a plan.

#2: Look for Contract terms and deals

Of course, most VoIP networks offer a whole range of deals for their clients. Some might offer a money back guarantee while others prefer long contract terms. There are also some companies that will provide you with equipment usage and return policies in case you will not like the type of equipment that they are using. You need to make sure that your service provider will have at least a 30 to 50 day guarantee. If they will not offer you any form of guarantee then never consider dealing with them.

You might experience some problems with their line in the long run. All major providers has solid guarantee and they will offer you contract terms that are within your favor. Also, you need to watch out for those who offer free items or free gifts in exchange for long term service.

#3: Consider the speed and VoIP-ready features

You need to consider the speed of your VoIP and your network. Check the VoIP speed test and learn about the quality of calls. You should do this, especially if they are allowing you to have a test or demo of their network. However, if they do not provide their future customers with tests, then you should at least ask them about their speed.

#4: Do they offer additional services?

Once your VoIP is installed and your network is ready, consider the additional services for your company. If you will have any problems in the future, you need to be sure that the plans that you are taking have special services for you. For example, if you rented out some of their equipment, they should at least have IT support who will help you in case there will be some problems. They should also have 24/7 customer support so that they will always be online regardless of date or time.

#5: Look for comments of other clients

Lastly, you should check the comments of other clients. You can do this by visiting a review site or talking directly with their other clients through forums or site groups.

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Becky McGinity, VOIP specialist at The Real PBX devotes a considerable part of her time in writing about the latest insights of technology that can make communication easier. With all her writings, her sole aim is to make the readers aware of what role Hosted PBX, toll free numbers, internet fax and other VOIP options play in this business arena today.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Yogesh Vashist

    October 21, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    In the Year 2010, I was in Bhutan. Although it is near to India but still a foreign country. There call charges were Rs. 7 per minute and then I choose Net4India as a VOIP service for calling at home. I stayed there for 2 years and I felt that they are very good VOIP service providers. This is my experience about VOIP service providers. Thanks for giving platform for expressing our views.

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