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5 Great Apps for Landlords

Becoming a landlord can be a financially rewarding endeavor but it does involve a lot of work, in both the early stages and throughout tenancies. Whether you’re just renting out one or two properties on the side of a full-time job or are making a career out of being a landlord for many more houses and flats, keeping on top of things can be difficult.


Thankfully as technology has advanced there are now thousands of apps which provide many uses for landlords. Ranging from the procurement and management of properties to the organisation of time for those with multiple pieces of real estate, these applications offer huge advantages to private landlords while enabling them to optimize their time and earnings respectively.

5 of the best Applications for Private Landlords

With this in mind, here are five of the best and most purposeful applications for private landlords. These diverse tools cover a wide range of tasks and applications, combining to create a broad suite of features that add genuine value: –


The Rentr App is excellent for private landlords who have numerous properties in different stages, from those which are already rented out to others which are on the market. It makes organizing viewings and ensuring you don’t end up double booking simple. Other features allow the user to take pictures and instantly upload details about properties for rent online, contracts to be drawn up and even manage deposits. For landlords constantly on the move, doing all this from your smartphone saves a lot of time.

DIY Landlord

DIY landlord was created by landlords to keep track of all their current rented properties on the go. It is relatively simple to use with the main dashboard showing all the vital financial information, including rental payments. It is compatible with iPads as well as smartphones so can be used at home or out on the move, and it negates the threat of miscommunication between landlords and tenants.

Inventory Pro

Not an app specifically designed for landlords, Inventory Pro is useful for anyone with a lot of tasks to do. Use it to create important inventories for each property you are renting out. The app creates a quick and easy way to generate PDF reports on the condition of every property, so potential tenants can get a thorough understanding. This saves time, and increases the conversion rate from viewings to lettings


A consumer app rather than one aimed at landlords, AroundMe is incredibly useful when marketing your properties. It provides lots of information about what is in the local area, making it easy to decide whether to add certain properties to your portfolio. Discovering there are cheap properties available near good schools provides a real reason to buy up a few properties.


Again, TripAdvisor is not aimed directly at landlords but can prove useful for finding attractive amenities nearby for marketing properties. Plus it’s free and a well-known app that delivers information about the best restaurants, attractions and more in the nearby area. It can be accessed online but the app makes it quick to access.

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