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5 Expert Photo Marketing Ideas that Actually Work

Are you a professional photographer stuck in a marketing rut? Or are you looking for quick and reliable ways to make yourself a standout among the crowd? Don’t worry; these tips can help.

Are you a professional photographer stuck in a marketing rut? Or are you looking for quick and reliable ways to make yourself a standout among the crowd? Don’t worry; these tips can help.

1. Develop a well-structured marketing plan

Even the most talented photographers in the world have a market to stay afloat in the competitive industry. Why should yours be any different?

  • Start by doing a bit of market research.
  • Identify your ideal target market and client.
  • Compare your business to your competitors. Do you notice anything different?
  • Be practical and specific with your revenue expectations.
  • Be realistic about the expectations of your success.
  • Determine the things you need to do to reach your goals. This should include the likes of a website, CRM system, portfolio, etc.

2. If you are thinking of a website, manage it like a professional

A photography website can easily be considered your most important online marketing asset. Make your visitors want to return again and again by following the below-mentioned tips:

  • Use a mobile-friendly website template so it can be viewed from any mobile device without any loss in quality.
  • Write a compelling “about me” page that can capture your visitors’ attention at a moment’s notice.
  • Include enticing captions for every image used in your portfolio.
  • Include a few of the best works in your portfolio. Stress on quality over quantity as always.
  • Show some behind-the-scenes moments in a video or a full screen image.
  • Check your site at least once every year to ensure it is utilizing all the latest web designing technologies.

3. Use the powerful platform of blogging to your advantage

Blogging is a form of communication that not only allows you to share news on the world wide web, but it also increases the number of engagements and connects you have with the market.

  • Update your blog regularly (or periodically) with valuable, unique, new, and interesting content.
  • Encourage guest posting on your platform. This cross-marketing technique is an excellent way to get in front of other resources in the market.

As far as effective guest blogging’s concerned, the following tips can help:

  • Make a comprehensive list of blog sites in the photography niche. Search particularly for the ones coming with a “write for us” page.
  • Make another list of sites visited by your target audience. For example, wedding blogs for wedding photographs.
  • Search on various social media channels and compile a list of reputed photographers with blogs in your relevant niche. Offer to write for them for free in exchange of a back link.

4. Make it easy for search engines to rank and list your website

SEO or search engine optimization makes it easy for search engines to crawl your website during a search query.

Getting good ranking on a SERP is nothing short of a challenge, but it’s achievable nonetheless. The following tips can help:

  • Find out your target keywords and incorporate them in your site’s meta title, description, and alt tags.
  • Earn trustworthy backlinks from reputed websites through means of guest blogging.
  • Post your PR online for a quality number of backlinks.
  • Verify your local business on Google. Also, create a Google+ page for your website.
  • Create a profile in business directories including the likes of ReferLocal, SnapKnow, GetListed, MerchantCircle, etc.
  • And last but never the least, use location-targeted keywords (e.g., “Wedding photographers in Manchester”) to optimize your website.

5. Use social media to your advantage

The following ideas may come in helpful for your purpose:

  • Monitor your news feed and interact with your friends or followers’ content.
  • Organize giveaways and contents requiring liking and commenting on Facebook posts.
  • Tag your clients in session photographs shared on Facebook.
  • And finally, become an efficient content curator by sharing information that isn’t exactly created by you.

So that essentially sums things up. Hope you had a great read.

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Allan Lloyd is a highly skilled marketing and technical writer with over nine years of experience in professional settings. He has worked as a marketing writer for the last 4 years and half. He has performed a variety of different types of writing in the past, including entertaiment, fashion, and search-engine optimized blog writing. He believes, good writing is the most powerful force in the world that grows an interest in reading, whereas bad writing will just annoy and confuse the reader.

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