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5 Benefits Of A Computer Networking Degree

The demand for individuals well-versed in computer networking continues to grow, driven by big data, proliferation of smartphones and expansion of wireless networks. Mobile carriers are also contributing to the growth and it was already reported by Analysys Mason back in 2008 that wireless network traffic is going to increase by 10 times before 2015.


The co-author of the report Dr. Mark Heath also said that developed regions are going to contribute to the 65% wireless traffic of the globe by that period. This particular report along with several others indicates the need for manpower in the wireless networking sector to handle the growing traffic, share information, secure systems and troubleshoot networks.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the demand for networking and computer administrators is expected to grow by 12% from 2012 – 2022, and this is as fast as the growth projections for other occupations on average. Also, the resource says the growth will be highest in companies that provide cloud computing services.

These statistics support the view that an associate degree in computer networking can be an asset for your career in different industries. The advancement of online learning also means it’s possible to pursue this degree without sacrificing an existing job. It will also help you to boost your credentials and learn about administrating wireless network systems. The initiative has a high potential of translating into better career opportunities and earning potential.

The demand from industry players is another indication where a computer networking degree can get you in the future. Software and hardware vendors provide further routes to career advancements through professional certifications. For example, computer networking graduates can later on take the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification exam for career advancement.

Perks of being skilled in networking technology

While acquiring skills in networking technology through online education and other resources can lead to a bright future in terms of career opportunities and earning, there are additional perks of being a network administrator, some of which are as follows:

1. Remote working experience

The tasks assigned to a network administrator are mostly performed in data centers where he/she can be asked to oversee the setup of fiber optic cables, and because data centers of a single company are often dispersed in multiple locations, the individual can be asked to visit different offices.

Visiting different locations and reporting the headquarters will develop remote working experience and some of the tasks such as granting a company employee access to the network can also be carried out remotely.

2. Diverse employment options

You can get into a large company in almost any industry as networks are integrated into the functioning of most business operations. So the employment options can range from the food and beverage sector to nonprofit government sector.

Moreover, because developing countries like South Africa, China and India are sprucing up their technological infrastructure, a computer networking degree can be your gateway to visit high-tech companies across the globe, leading to international working experience and possibly a higher-level position.

3. Real-world learning

Although there’s a lot on paper on what a network administrator is supposed to do, there will be a number of specifics that will be covered during the job as you deal with local area and wide area networks as well as troubleshoot network systems during downtimes and area outages.

And after a few years of real-world learning, you will develop analytical problem solving and other valuable traits that will jumpstart your career.

4. Comfortable working conditions

You’ll find that computer networking employees enjoy working in comfortable conditions as they are required to carry out tasks in networking offices that are equipped with active servers. These rooms are generally kept cooler than other parts of the building to keep heat damage at bay.

Some employers also provide a special room for relaxation during small breaks, and some companies go beyond by providing recreational tools such as pool tables to prevent stress-building and monotony.

5. A valuable asset

The company who’s going to employ you knows that you have the ability to communicate with end users and translate industry and market jargon into words that company executives can easily grasp.

This means that you’ll be bridging the gap between the customers and the company as well as removing any barriers to communication by ensuring networks are up and running all the time. All of these traits will extend your role from being an employee to a valuable asset for the company.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Abdurrazaq

    March 20, 2014 at 5:45 am

    Nice article. Off course in this era need for different skill , one of them is learn computer networking in university.

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