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5 Apps to Control Your Vehicle’s Speed on Road

If only you can know what method did the cop use to detect your speed then you can easily find out a way to challenge the speeding ticket. Yes, it’s true that you may not actually guess how the officer detected your speed. But once when you are caught for violating the speed rules, talk to the cop politely and try to know what was the method used to catch you.

Cops have different devices through which they can detect the speed of your vehicle and they issue you a speeding ticket if they find you violating the speed rules. So, it is always better not to exceed the speed of your vehicle. But practically speaking, this is not possible because we stay in a hurry when we are on road and sometimes unknowingly we speed up and get caught. So, what is the solution to this never ending problem? Thanks to the app creators, who have invented different new apps to keep you protected and safe on road.

Here is a list of 5 apps which will keep you safe on road:

#1. Cop RadarSpeed Detector

cop radar speed detector

This is an intelligent speed detection app that has great practical utility as well as entertains you. It has been designed to save the drivers from speeding tickets. Speeding tickets are really a punishment and hurt a lot. While driving, we tend to forget the speed limit. It is very difficult to abide by the speed limit always. But as soon as we forget the speed limit, the cop get behind us may issue us a speeding ticket. Install Cop Radar in your phone to prevent such a risk.

How does this app work?

You just need to install this app in your vehicle and set a speed limit. As soon as your vehicle crosses the speed limit, the device starts producing an alarm sound. This is to notify you that you need to lower down your speed. It is also designed to entertain you. While you travel on a vehicle, you can detect the speed of the vehicle and get entertained.

Download this app to stay safe on roads.

#2. NMobile: Speed Traps


This is the most appropriate Speed Trap alert system made for iPhone. This was developed so that the drivers can get notified where the speed traps, red light cameras or any other speed detection devices are located. An audible sound will be produced by the system so that the drivers can understand where the speed traps are located.

Some of the features of the app are:

  • The users can submit speed traps to let others know of the monitored locations.

  • The speech notification feature gives you the details of the trap and the distance.

  • You can search for the local speed traps or speed traps around the world.

  • This is the only speech speed trap detector that also displays maps with complete support and gesture.

  • The maps in it can be viewed in portrait as well as landscape.

  • There are no screen locks.

  • The app works better in iPhone.

So these are some features of the app. You can easily download it on your iPhone and avoid the speeding ticket.

#3. Cobra iRadar

Cobra iRadar

This is said to be the world’s first biggest community-based camera/ radar/laser detection unit. This permits you to share and receive alerts at the right time from the other i-Rader users. Without any doubt, the iRadar users are the most advanced and conscious drivers on road. You need to download this app to see how social networking is bringing a change in road safety.

Features of this app are:

  • Gives you visual alerts.

  • Permits you to receive and give the locations of speed cameras, police, caution areas from and to the members of this iRadar community.

  • Lets you receive laser alerts information from iRadar community.

  • Gives accurate information.

Download this app to drive safely.

#4. Waze


This is a popular traffic controlling app. A large number of drivers are included in this community and you can also join them to save your fuel and time.

When you travel with Waze, you get and give a lot of information regarding traffic in your local community.

Features of this app:

  • Gives the best real time traffic and road information.

  • The community reports road alerts.

  • Has step by step voice navigation.

  • Contains live maps that are edited and updated.

  • Updates the road notification.

These are the few features of the app. You can easily download and enjoy its facilities.

#5. Fuzz Alert speed trap

fuzz alert

While you approach a speed trap or red light cameras, Fuzz Alert is always ready with an alarm sound to notify you that you are going wrong.

It puts power in the drivers’ hand and helps them drive safe and alerts them. It gives audio alerts to the drivers. It keeps the drivers updated and informed as to how to drive safe on roads. These types of safety measures are very helpful for drivers on road.

Install this app in your phone and be protected on road.

The apps listed here are really helpful and will keep you safe and protected on roads. Start using them to enjoy hazard free driving on road.

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