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5 Alternative Ways to Take a Perfect Selfie

Taking a selfie is important in today’s world, and you need to constantly look at some of the most exciting ways in which you can make the most of your selfie time. However, there are many people who feel terrible while taking selfies. One of the reasons for this is because of their lack of satisfaction with the quality of the self-portraits taken.  If this is true in your case, you are some tips to help you take the perfect selfie.

1. Look at some of the selfies taken by celebrities

Although you can get your daily dose of entertainment and motivation from sites like Feras Antoon, you should also consider social networking sites like Instagram as your guide to click an ideal selfie. With this being said, start following some of your favorite celebrities, and you’ll get an idea of what they do particularly well when taking a selfie.

In addition, there might be other times when you might be interested in learning about selfies from random people. This is also okay as there is no harm in following others to better understand the art of taking a selfie and improve your very own selfies.

2. Let someone better take a group selfie

If you are planning to get a group selfie, let someone else take the selfie while you can focus only on yourself. This way, you can be sure that the other person will focus on taking the selfie while you can work on your looks to appear perfect in the selfie. This will ensure that your selfies look good in a group and you do not have to be embarrassed about clicking a terrible selfie.

3. Click the face

Look at some of the most popular selfies, and you’ll notice that the entire focus is on the face. However, none of them are staring at the camera. The trick, in this case, is that they steady their gaze on the lens. At the same time, they pose in a way that the entire focus is on the pose and not exactly on them. In many selfies, you may also have noticed that people cover a part of their face which often makes the selfie look great. That is because this posture is a great way of showcasing the best aspect of the face so others can appreciate it.

4. Find the right filter

When we talk about selfies, you’ll realize that there are many filters available to make your selfie look great. With this being said, you need to find the right filter for the selfie and post only when you are satisfied with it. If you are not satisfied, taking yet another selfie would not be a bad idea.

5. Don’t do it if it’s not your cup of tea

For instance, if you know that you do not look great when you pout, you should avoid doing so. There are many people who are after trending selfies and accordingly try to copy others. This is not the right thing to do because it is possible that a particular style which might suit someone else could also look terrible if you opt for it. So, don’t try to copy others if you know that it won’t look good on you.

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Linda is a writer and musician residing in Boise, Idaho in the United States. She graduated from the College of Idaho with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a focus in marketing in 2014.

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