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4 Technologies that Will Disappear in the Next 5 Years

New technology is coming very much faster than many can keep up with. However, this means that more and more technology is slowly becoming obsolete. We thought CDs and floppy disks were nothing short of magical. However, they had quite a short run as a means of external storage. On the other end of the stick are cryptocurrencies, which are now on the rise.

Either way, we use a lot of technology today that is going to be unfamiliar to our children, or even to our younger siblings. Take a look at the predictions below for some surprising examples of technology that is expected to become obsolete in the next five years:

1. Digital Cameras

These handy little gadgets have been an amazing source of entertainment and memory-making for quite a lot of time. They effectively replaced rolls of film and Polaroids.

However, the digital camera may become obsolete over the next five years. Smartphone cameras now have such high quality that digital cameras are on their way out. This does not mean that high-end cameras, such as DSLRs, are going the same way. The level of quality, flexibility, reliability, and clarity that comes with these gadgets is simply not replaceable by a smartphone camera at the moment. Of course, with special lenses to give smartphone cameras a similar focus, even DSLRs may be in trouble.

2. USBs

You heard that right! That tiny trinket on your keychain may hold a huge amount of GBs, but it’s probably going to be a piece of history in five years. They sure are handy, but they just aren’t needed so much anymore.

In around two or three more years, most of us would be using smartphones if we aren’t doing so already. Google, Microsoft, and Android are the three main giants providing us software for our phones. All of these have developed the cloud system of storage. This basically means we would be able to access our information from anywhere at any time. Hence, there would soon be no need to frantically search for that little plastic stick you rely so much on now.

Of course, cloud storage has its costs and risks. One also needs an Internet connection to access it. However, Wi-Fi would soon be universally available if the corporations have anything to say on the matter. Plus, any costs would be pretty affordable or even non-existent as time goes by.

3. ATMS, Checks, Credit Cards

We may not be able to imagine a life with the above three things, but financial transactions are surely developing beyond them. According to certain reports, over 90% of those under 35 years of age simply use online banking or money transfer systems such as PayPal for their financial transacting needs. In fact, the use of a paycheck is down by almost half as much as it was earlier this century.

Along with this, mobile payment apps and cryptocurrencies have effectively started taking over the smarter. Hence, many people now living may not see an actual check in their lives. Salaries are transferred directly to accounts and funds and electronic payments are the name of the game. If we don’t keep up, we’d soon be left behind!

4. Passwords

We may start in shock at the mention of these because security is all-important right now. However, we can soon expect computers to simply read our retina, hear our voice, or use other biometric information to unlock themselves for us. This would actually enhance security instead of making it vulnerable through an easily-hacked password.


Some of the entries above may surprise you, but their downfall is perfectly logical when you think about it. After all, we have a lot of technology on our hands now, and some of it is bound to replace other, older methods. We may feel aged when we see this trend, but we can always remain young by keeping up with what technology offers us next!

Teresia Clark is a Tech Geek who is inquisitive about information on any kind of technology. She is also a star writer at an assignment writing service UK . In addition, she takes part in many sport activities to stay healthy and fit.

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