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4 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

Social media is fun, but it’s also great for business. Social media marketing is a tool many companies use to connect with their target audience and make a name for themselves.

There are many ways to approach social media. This includes knowing what not to do and to stay away from doing. Learn four social media marketing mistakes you’re making and tips for avoiding these blunders.

Marketing Without a Plan

You most likely started out using social media similar to the rest of the world, as a hobby. Social media is something fun to play on, pass the time and use to catch up with friends. More recently, most companies are on social media to market their business. Treat this differently than if it were your personal account. Any digital marketing company knows that many marketers are too relaxed when it comes to their social game and start participating without a strategy. This is a big mistake. Even social media needs a marketing plan in place. This includes determining the right channels and when and what to post.

Failure to Engage

Don’t just be an observer on social media. As a company, you should be engaging and interact with your audience on different levels. Answer their questions on social and get to know them. Be proactive and ask for their feedback on your products. Make users feel like part of the company and have them submit user generated content for contests and other perks. Failure to engage means risking not having an audience as time passes.

Not Following Platform Best Practices

Each social media channel is different, and they’re different for a good reason. Educate yourself on the channels you’re using to make sure you’re handling them properly. Follow the best practices and go above and beyond to learn the secrets to great marketing online. While it’s okay to be creative, the platform knows best in the end. Being too daring puts you at risk for sabotaging your accounts and embarrassing your company in front of your audience. There’s a balance you must find. Remember that your target audience is your number one priority.

Trying to Do it All

There are lots of social media platforms and channels out there, and it’s an exciting time in digital marketing. Be careful not to let that get in the way of why you’re on social in the first place and what your goals are. Signing up on all channels won’t work as it’s too time-consuming to manage social media. If you’re short on resources, there won’t be enough hands to stay active and engage with the audience. You don’t need to join every channel. Pick and choose the ones that are most useful to your brand and do fewer of them well. Spreading yourself too thin won’t bring you the results you’re looking for; for example, photographers should use Facebook and Instagram, but Twitter isn’t great for showcasing a photographer’s talent.


Approach digital and social media marketing as a business. It’s more complicated than it appears on the outside and requires dedicated time and special resources if you’re going to succeed. Avoid making the above mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to a prosperous social media marketing program.

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