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4 iPhone Calendar Apps You Shouldn’t Be Without

The iPhone comes with a standard calendar application, which is great if all you need to do is check the date and make the odd appointment, but there are a number of far more sophisticated apps on the market for you to try out. Now there’s no excuse for you to be late again! We’ve put together a list of our four favourite iPhone calendar apps.

eMeetMe – If you’ve ever struggled to arrange meetings at a time that fits everyone, eMeetMe provides the solution. This nifty little app is relatively new on the market and allows the organiser to propose several different times for an event to take place. The invites are sent through the app via email and the recipients can choose the best time from the list. Their response is then emailed back to you and through the app you can clearly see, which is the most suitable of the proposed dates. It’s a clean design and very easy to use.

GoCal – This app basically acts as your personal assistant, helping you to keep track of all your appointments. As you can probably telly by the name, Google has developed it, so you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a great app. You can check your appointments in multiple views making it easier than ever to keep track of where you are supposed to be and when.

– This name doesn’t win any points for originality but I suppose it’s not all about the name! This calendar app takes a much more original approach to calendars. The font used for inserting appointments looks like real handwriting and there are even ring bindings on the top of the page! The app is really easy to use and it looks great.

On This Day – This app is a conventional calendar with a historic twist. You choose a date from the calendar or click ‘Go To Today’ and a list of historic events that occurred on that date in history will be displayed. This is great if you love history, or if you love impressing people with historic facts.

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This post was written by Dan Simonetti - a total gadget geek and serial mobile phone reviews blogger.

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