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4 Essential Things to Consider for Picking the Right Hair Brush

The hairstyle is perhaps the first thing that comes to notice each time you step into a party or a social gathering. Well groomed hair requires adequate accessories, and a hairbrush plays a crucial role in maintaining proper hair.

Numerous people usually don’t bother regarding their choice of a hairbrush, which may be the reason for rough and frizzy hair.

Here, we’ll be discussing some important things that you must keep in mind while picking the right hair brush.

Emphasize on Bristles

The quality of a hairbrush significantly depends on the bristles. Brush with natural bristles is considered to be gentle on scalp and offers shinier and smoother hair. A boar bristle hair brush is one of the finest brushes that are used by numerous hair styling experts.

One needs to carefully examine the quality of bristles as some are made of fiber or plastic that may eventually damage your hair. Women with thin hair must prefer a brush having bristles that are closely packer to ensure smooth combing experience. One can consider a plastic bristle brush that is perfect for wet hair combing.

Consider the Size

Another crucial thing about a perfect hair brush is the overall size. You may be wondering that what does the size of a hairbrush has to do with perfect hair?  Well, an adequate hair styling brush is perhaps the essential part of your hair grooming kit. You need first to analyze your hair type and then select the brush accordingly.

One should prefer small brushes for outdoor as they are easy to carry, and one can quickly provide smooth and straight hair without many efforts. You can choose a medium-sized hair brush for a better dry combing experience for short hair. For long and straight hair, a regular-sized paddle type hair brush is an optimum choice.

Analyze your Hair Type

Another significant thing is first to analyze your hair type and then choose a hairbrush precisely. Women with thick and long hair must pick a round-shaped hair brush having natural bristles or synthetic. On the other hand, the ones with short hair can consider a paddle-shaped hair brush with natural bristles for enhanced shine.

One can consult their hair styling expert regarding the correct choice of a brush that can help you in getting your desired hairstyle.

Get an Anti-static Hair Brush

You may be unaware of the fact that static charge can ruin your hairstyle each time your comb for styling your hair. One can utilize an anti-static hairbrush that augments your hairstyle by neutralizing the charge.

You can do a little research regarding the availability of these brushes, and choose a wired or wireless brush depending on your needs.


Choosing a hair-brush may require a little research that can significantly lend a hand in getting the perfect hair brush. The above-mentioned tips could be considered to pick the right brush.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Aken

    November 8, 2017 at 4:46 am

    Hair care has become a difficult task with busy schedule. Thank you for the tips.

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