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4 Easy Tips To Attract & Convert Mobile Consumers

Your website is a powerful tool that you can use to attract new customers and maintain current customers. If you want to increase sales for your business, then you need to implement a strategy. This will help you focus on your approach before spending on pointless web design. Your strategy will determine the success or failure of your online business regardless of the size of the business. Here are some useful tips to attract and convert mobile consumers:

  1. Research. You need all information regarding your consumers’ needs and preference to tailor your site to their preference. You should also consult web designers on the best design to include in your website for easy navigation. Research also involves testing your site. You may want to test different layouts to see which one converts into sales best.
  2. Launch a mobile friendly version of your site. Most cell phones are WAP enabled and people are connected wherever they go. Take advantage of this and include a mobile version of your site. Ensure you deliver the best to your consumers so that your site can be fully optimized. Otherwise, users might get frustrated and leave. The site should also keep up with the latest mobile technology suiting the average mobile user with limited time.
  3. Take advantage of social media. Social platforms are widely used for marketing purposes. A recent study revealed that a majority of people access social platforms like Facebook and Twitter through their mobile phones. Ensure your mobile site has fast download and upload speeds since most new customers will not have the patience to wait on a slow site.
  4. Make good use of search engine optimization. Proper use of keywords that target your audience generates more views to your site. Proper SEO ensures only the targeted audience views your site and leaves with helpful information. Resist the temptation to utilize lengthy words. Short and succinct titles that are direct and to the point often go well.

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Erica Miller is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at GMR Web Team, a full service digital marketing agency located in Tustin, CA. She joined the team shortly after graduation and has immersed herself in the marketing world. With everything from proofing content to strategizing marketing campaigns she has hit the ground running and is enjoying every bit of it.



  1. sagar nandwani

    December 29, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Excellent summation of the importance of content! I would add that reminding all of us that people often make 10 requests for information/contacts before making a buying decision is very important. I will add that the number of contacts/touches is usually directly proportional to the cost of the product/service.

  2. Rohit Dubey

    January 3, 2014 at 7:03 am

    yaa true these are some tips to attract consumers..
    thanks for the post.!!

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