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4 AV Presentation Tips for Companies

Whether you love them or dread them, presentations are a staple and central to several crucial business operations. However, the standard presentation can sometimes leave us feeling a little bored and unengaged with the main message of the presentation, seriously affecting company-wide productivity.

To curb this, it’s important for companies to take constructive steps to improve their presentations to boost engagement and create more dynamic and interactive displays. But how exactly do you do this? Well, we’re here to help.

To help you begin creating great presentations, we’ve compiled these four tips alongside some of the reasons why you should prioritize your presentation strategy

Why is it important for companies to prioritize your presentations

Before we discuss these tips, it’s crucial to first understand the importance of prioritizing presentations. Each company will stage presentations for different reasons, so the importance will differ. However, there are some set reasons why it’s absolutely essential for businesses like yours to prioritize their presentation strategy to help them meet their key business development objectives. Let’s discuss two of the most prominent reasons:


Some organizations fail to address the importance of engagement, but for companies, engagement really does make the world go round. Engagement ensures that your employees align themselves with your objectives, ensuring they know exactly what to do and how to act to help their employer meet their goals.

Without engagement, businesses would struggle to foster tangible company culture and find it very hard to unite their teams towards common goals. So what does this have to do with presentations? Well, effective presentations can have a significant impact on engagement, stoking excitement in your team and motivating them to work towards important business objectives.

This, however, is only possible if you make your presentations exciting and engaging. A boring presentation will certainly leave your team switched off and unsure of how to proceed.


Presentations usually communicate important things like company updates, training, and so much more. With an effective presentation, you ensure that your team is fully aware of company operations, understands how to proceed with their tasks and can continue with confidence while working. Unclear communication leads to severe productivity bottlenecks and can cause fractures in your team dynamic. A great presentation that clearly communicates task expectations, project requirements and updates means that your team leaves a meeting with all their questions answered. So, instead of sending countless emails clarifying what you discussed in your presentation, you can get on with the work that matters!

  1. Use a video wall for your presentations 

One of the first things that you should consider when you’re in a bid to improve your presentations is to find different ways of revitalizing your presentation method. If you’re still relying on the classic screen, projector and laptop combination that lacks interactivity and dimension, then you might want to consider some alternatives.

Why not consider a video wall? A video wall is a wall of monitors that act as a single surface, allowing you to stream one large image or video or multiple snippets of information by isolating different monitors.

This is a great way to enhance the quality of your presentation, boosting engagement by transforming your presentation into a high-production value event.

  1. Make sure you invest in the right technology 

Alongside your video wall, you’ll need to ensure that you include the right technology to create stunning effects, navigate your video wall layout and control input and output signals.

You should consider technology like matrix switchers that allow users to seamlessly switch between input signals and generate effects, processors that transform input signals into viewable content, and video controllers.

What is a video wall controller? Well, a video wall controller is a computer chassis with an operating system that is capable of handling input and output signals. With this controller, users can display a Windows 10 desktop over their wall, allowing them to stream web-based content, manage their layout, and so much more!

Investing in the correct technology for your chosen presentation method is central to creating an impressive and dynamic display for your company.

  1. Use an AV integrator 

If you’re staging a huge presentation, such as at a conference or at a trade show, then you should consider hiring a professional AV integrator. These professionals are responsible for making your AV technology run much smoother, ensuring that your technology works collaboratively for your project. This professional can help you find ways of operating your equipment in a way that facilitates your main goals, teaching you how to use certain types of AV equipment and passing on valuable skills.

These professionals provide you with a centralized way of managing your AV systems, meaning you can control your controllers, matrixes and processors from a single interface. This makes life much easier and allows you to concentrate on other important elements of your presentation, like content and your project objectives.

  1. Consider your main presentation pain points 

One of the last things to consider when it comes to creating a great presentation is creating content and utilizing AV technology that addresses your business pain points. To do this, you’ll need to do some serious soul-searching.

For example, do you have problems with your current presentations lacking in vibrancy and flare? Consider using a matrix switcher that allows you to incorporate more visual effects like fading in and out. Addressing your pain points when creating a presentation is a great way to accelerate your journey toward meeting your business goals.

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